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The Inconvenience of Ill Health

2016 so far has not been kind to us. In the past 5 weeks we have visited 2 hospitals and 2 GP practices on 7 separate occasions; my mum has broken her femur (thigh bone), Cracker has had 2 anaphylactic reactions (to, as yet, an unknown cause) and is currently battling a 40oc fever (again of unknown origin) and Biscuit has been struggling with more viral-induced wheeze. 

The majority of these illnesses, and the subsequent doctor visits, have taken place in the evening or at the weekend. As parents we know that our children are more likely to need a medical assessment on a Friday evening, after a full 45 hour week at work, or on a Sunday of a Bank Holiday weekend. NB: if Jeremy Hunt doesn’t believe that doctors work at these unsocial times, let me tell you that they do. I have yet to walk in to an A&E department and been unable to see staff there. These unsocial visits have an impact on who looks after the other twinkle, work, family get-togethers, catching-up with uni friends (sorry girls) and, trust me on this one, family weddings. I know if you’re not living it, it is hard to believe how many things get cancelled or missed due to your little ones being unwell. I know where I’d rather be just as much as  I know where I’ve got to be.

Then there’s the stress of it. I have been nursing for 10 years now, but nothing prepares you for when it’s your baby sick and needing help. Rob always says that, in fact, it is worse for me as I have knowledge of the worst-case scenarios. I’m sure that the stress alone is enough to make parents sick, but you have to keep going for the child who is poorly (as well as the children who aren’t, but still need you). It doesn’t make you want to do anything bar relaxing at home (obviously whilst listening intently to the monitor for the slightest cough or sniffle)

I wish I could make Biscuit and Cracker 100% healthy, but until they get a bit bigger and hopefully a lot stronger we are going to have to deal with just how inconvenient ill health is. I only hope that our friends and family are patient enough to still be around when that happens….! 



Trendy Tot Thursday 08/10/2015

Hello! Remember us?! We’ve missed three weeks of #TT_Thursday, which is unheard of for us. I apologise; Biscuit and Cracker have started at pre-school full-time and so wear uniform all day and then get home and it’s straight in the bath and then in their pyjamas as they’re so tired. This current routine is not great for showcasing lovely clothes. 

Luckily, we finally managed to get out and about last weekend and here are the results. 

Biscuit’s gorgeous dress is from a brand called ‘Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve’, which I found at T K Maxx a little while ago. It is short-sleeved (worn here with a long-sleeved t-shirt from M&Co for warmth), beautiful embroidered front and a delicate blue flower pattern on the skirt. It also washes surprisingly well (I’ve even managed to wash chorizo sauce out of it) and Biscuit thinks she’s a princess in it. Her flower headband is from Next Children, it was bought for my brother’s wedding and I wanted her to wear it more than once!! Obviously she has on her Frozen Crocs; she has missed these having to swap them for school shoes most of the time! Goodness knows what we’ll do in winter. 

Cracker makes no secrets of his absolute love for Disney Pixar’s Cars, so when we recently popped in to Primark for harvest festival clothes and he saw this short-sleeved Cars t-shirt he really wanted it! I teamed it with a long-sleeves grey t-shirt from Mini Club at Boots for warmth and he picked his new grey shorts from Blue Zoo at Debenhams to wear with it. You can’t see them, but I think you can guess what shoes he has on- yep, his Cars Crocs

Thank you for bearing with us through this huge period of change. I hope to be more organised on our weekend and be able to show you when Biscuit and Cracker wear when we aren’t totally exhausted in the evenings!!!! 

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Thanks again Cx 

Trendy Tot Thursday (17/08/2015)

Hello and welcome to another Trendy Tot Thursday with my gorgeous tots, Biscuit and Cracker. 

Last week one of our linky hosts, Clearly Bex, wrote a post about her tots’ school shoes (read it here). Well, as teeny tiny as Biscuit and Cracker are (they’ve just turned 3) they are starting at full-time pre-school in September in full school uniform. This has meant a whirl of buying blazers, ties, shirts, shorts, pinafores, socks and, last but not least, shoes. 

Although Biscuit and Cracker love their play-around-in shoes, we have always bought their ‘proper’ shoes from Clarks. I had shoes from Clarks growing up and their tradition of proper fittings and quality have lasted. Biscuit and Cracker’s feet are now big enough for their new-fangled iPad fitting system too, how exciting!!! 


It’s only when they’re next to each other that you can see how big Cracker’s feet are compared to Biscuit’s!!!! 

Thank you for reading. Hope to see you again soon. Enjoy the sun and stay safe. 

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Trendy Tot Thursday (06/08/2015)

What a week it has been. Poor Cracker has been very ill all week and I was starting to doubt we would ever get through it. Luckily there seems to have been light at the end of the tunnel today and he is a lot perkier (unfortunately Biscuit is now a bit hot and grotty- the life of twins, hey?). 

Every now and then Biscuit and Cracker get some clothes that I cannot wait to show off. This week I went to pick up a surprise parcel from the Post Office, which turned out to be birthday presents from my gorgeous cousin, Vicki, who lives in the South of France.  


With Biscuit and Cracker being the least-alike twins every imaginable, I do not get a lot of opportunity to dress them matchy-matchy; but these t-shirts from Spoilt Rotten are amazing. We went out in Covent Garden today with them wearing them and so many people stopped to tell us how much they liked their He did it/She did it tops. Even our local priest commented when he saw us! And, as the pictures show, they work just as well with Rob and I in the photos too! 

Cracker wore his t-shirt with his usual red Boots shorts and his Lightning McQueen Crocs. Biscuit wore her with a pink Boots dress and her Frozen Crocs. Their hats and Biscuit’s sunglasses are from George at Asda. I have always loved their clothes from Mini Club at Boots; they are comfy, cute and hard wearing. 

For people wondering why they are always in their Crocs; not only are they the singularly most comfortable shoes for them to wear, but they are so easy to clean.  


After Biscuit and Cracker had spent an incredibly fun time running through the sprinkler and the mud in Soho Square Park their Crocs were filthy- we just showered them off and they’re currently drying on the balcony (the Crocs that is, not the twins; although they got showered as soon as we were home too)! 

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See you next week; do pop over and say hello whenever you’d like! 

Trendy Tot Thursday (11/06/2015)

Hello and welcome to another week where I get to show off my beautiful twinkles and tell you what they’re wearing! 

It’s rather an eclectic mix for you this week as my twins are toddlers and will only pose when they deem fit; even if they are wearing something ridiculously cute that is no guarantee they will ever let anyone see it! 

This is why Cracker has picked his pyjamas to show you this week!!

  His jumper is from George at Asda; it was in the Spring sale and it is 2 sizes too big, but super comfy and perfect for over jammies! The jammies in question, which you can only see the bottom half of, are shortie jammies from Primark. They are Dusty from Disney/Pixar’s Planes, Cracker spends most of his awake time wearing these flying around the flat! He is always wearing Mickey Mouse slippers from his favourite place in the world- the Disney Store. They are soft and padded and has Mickey’s face on them, what more could a 2 year old want from slippers?!

Unlike her brother- Biscuit is more than happy to pose on demand!


Doesn’t she look like a little super star on her Mini Micro Scooter?! Her sailor dress is from Powell Craft. Word of warning- this dress is on the generous size! Biscuit, at 34 months is wearing their 12-24 months size. I know she’s petite but seriously?!? The cardigan is from a brand called Barbaras, I bought it from Zulily– originally it was Cracker’s but now Biscuit is making good use out of it. Her Doc McStuffins baseball hat and her Frozen sunglasses were a present from her Mamps (Cracker got a Minions hat and Avengers sunglasses for those  worried about him). All these accessories are from Asda. Her Frozen shoes are from Crocs

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Hope to see you again next week for another Trendy Tot Thursday, and please feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ whenever you have time!

Twice the Achievements, Double the Praise

Drum roll please…… We’re starting to think about potty training Biscuit and Cracker! Pre-school is looming in a mere couple of months and they are showing plenty of the signs of readiness (check out NHS Potty Training Tips if you’re looking at potty training your little ones). 

A reward system is good to try, if your children are old enough to understand the system and enjoy getting treats. We decided to try a sticker chart with Biscuit and Cracker.

So there we were, all prepared with 2 potties, a toilet seat and an armful of stickers for them. Biscuit then pipes up that she needs the toilet; low and behold up she climbs and does a number 1 and a number 2! Proud Mama here rushes in afterwards armed with our sparkly ladybird stickers (oh yeah) and she pops it on to her reward chart. 

Now picture the crumpled little face of Cracker and imagine his tears which quickly turn in to racking sobs. He comes rushing over to me and apologises to me for being “bad”. In his beautiful blond head Biscuit did something really good and got a sticker, he didn’t get a sticker so he didn’t do something good, ergo he did something bad. 

I hadn’t even anticipated this. What on earth?!?! I followed all parenting guidelines and no-one warned me about this response. It wasn’t even jealousy (I was a little prepared to deal with that), it was toddler guilt. What should I do? A couple of friends I spoken with since thought I should have given him a sticker to show him that he wasn’t bad, but I think that would have taken away from the amazing feat that Biscuit has performed. 

Instead we sat down with Cracker down separately and explained to him again that they only get those special stickers if they do a pee or a poop in the toilet or potty. It doesn’t mean she’s a good girl and he’s a bad boy, it just meant that she did something special. I hope he now understands. Biscuit hasn’t asked to use the toilet/potty since, so we haven’t had a chance to test it.

All the things that get made harder due to the blessing of having twins! All we can do is our twin-parent-best! 

Trendy Tot Thursday (19/03/2015)

Good morning and welcome to Biscuit and Cracker’s latest Trendy Tot Thursday post. This week I’m hoping Tina (at The Mother Geek) can forgive me for posting clothes from a shop that rhymes with ‘Fara’. In my defence I purchased the clothes a while ago, in Italy. And hopefully the super cute photos of the twins will also help…?


It’s not often that Biscuit and Cracker will appear in the same photo, so I ask that you join me in basking in that triumph for a few more photos!



A lot of these clothes you have seen before and for this I apologise- I have mixed them up a bit too. Cracker is wearing a pair of jogging bottoms from Mini Club at Boots, his winter fleece from Mothercare and the most worn pair of boots I have ever come across from Clarks. Biscuit has a dress from Mini Club at Boots, her red winter snowflake fleece from Mothercare, her beloved tights from Slugs and Snails and her pink trainers from Primark.

The new part of the outfit is their fantastic body warmers from Zara (in Italy). Cracker’s is a vibrant orange, is padded with a hood and deep pockets. Biscuit’s is a beautiful blue with a starry lining, padding and a hood.

Especially when they’re running around in a playground on one of these lovely sunny, spring days which we’ve been enjoying their coats are a bit too much for them and they end up taking them off and then actually being a bit cold. Body warmers are perfect for them at the moment, particularly over a nice fleece, and they don’t restrict their movement running around.



I’m going to have to go and get some shopping done for them soon as they have shot up recently, especially my little man, Cracker. Gone are the baby faces and bodies, replacing them are a grown-up big boy and girl!

I hope you enjoy reading our Trendy Tot Thursday as much as I enjoyed writing it! Check out The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex for more!

Hope to see you again next week for another Trendy Tot Thursday, and please feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ whenever you have time!