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Trendy Tot Thursday (06/08/2015)

What a week it has been. Poor Cracker has been very ill all week and I was starting to doubt we would ever get through it. Luckily there seems to have been light at the end of the tunnel today and he is a lot perkier (unfortunately Biscuit is now a bit hot and grotty- the life of twins, hey?). 

Every now and then Biscuit and Cracker get some clothes that I cannot wait to show off. This week I went to pick up a surprise parcel from the Post Office, which turned out to be birthday presents from my gorgeous cousin, Vicki, who lives in the South of France.  


With Biscuit and Cracker being the least-alike twins every imaginable, I do not get a lot of opportunity to dress them matchy-matchy; but these t-shirts from Spoilt Rotten are amazing. We went out in Covent Garden today with them wearing them and so many people stopped to tell us how much they liked their He did it/She did it tops. Even our local priest commented when he saw us! And, as the pictures show, they work just as well with Rob and I in the photos too! 

Cracker wore his t-shirt with his usual red Boots shorts and his Lightning McQueen Crocs. Biscuit wore her with a pink Boots dress and her Frozen Crocs. Their hats and Biscuit’s sunglasses are from George at Asda. I have always loved their clothes from Mini Club at Boots; they are comfy, cute and hard wearing. 

For people wondering why they are always in their Crocs; not only are they the singularly most comfortable shoes for them to wear, but they are so easy to clean.  


After Biscuit and Cracker had spent an incredibly fun time running through the sprinkler and the mud in Soho Square Park their Crocs were filthy- we just showered them off and they’re currently drying on the balcony (the Crocs that is, not the twins; although they got showered as soon as we were home too)! 

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See you next week; do pop over and say hello whenever you’d like! 


Toddler Health; Eczema

Being a mama of two-year-old twins and doing the course I am doing, there are many times that there are crossovers between my personal and professional lives. I learn something from a parent I have met, or a colleague I have worked with or some training I have done and know that I can take that information and it will have a positive impact on my home life. I can also experience something with Biscuit and/or Cracker and it makes me a better public health nurse.

I have been working my behind off at academic work for the past few weeks and one of the essays (yes I did say one of the essays, please feel for me!) was regarding a prescription for topical treatment for eczema. Biscuit and Cracker have always had super sensitive skin and both of them have since been diagnosed with eczema and prescribed triple emollient therapy.

Triple emollient therapy is when a child (I can only speak from experience with children) gets three products- a cream/gel, bath stuff and a soap-substitute (sometimes one product can be used for both the bath and for washing with, it depends on what is prescribed). There are lots of products available on the market, both over-the-counter from your pharmacist or on prescription. It can depend on what the prescriber is used to, what their trust recommends and what the patient (or parent/carer) knows and likes. If you are thinking that your little one needs eczema treatment- remember that the greasier the cream, the better it is. It just may feel a bit slippery on their skin. It took us a couple of different products before we found ones that worked well for us.

I am not writing this post to tell you whether your child needs creams prescribing, or what treatment your prescriber will recommend. If you have any worries or concerns, please see your GP/Health VIsitor/Pharmacist and talk through with them and allow them to assess your child’s skin.

I wanted to write this post to give you tips that I have found out through research, and that we have found useful to know.

1) If you use the bath additive, be aware of how slippery your child will be. Please take extra care. Little ones may slip out of your hand and bigger ones may slip over in the bath or on the bathroom floor.

2) This is one of my Top Tips! We found that, when using a bath additive, our bath was always incredibly greasy and was constantly getting blocked. I have since found out that squirting washing-up liquid round the bath and rinsing it off makes the bath squeaky clean, as well cutting through any grease in the pipes and saving us having to use the plunger to drain the water away!!

3) When drying a child, try and pat them dry rather than rubbing. This is gentler on their skin and won’t rub off any of that moisturising layer from the bath additive.

4) When applying cream to them, smooth it on, rather than rubbing it in, and go in the direction of their hair growth. If you put cream on your arms against the hair growth you can feel that it is not comfortable!

5) As soon as Biscuit and Cracker have had their cream applied at night we put them straight in their cotton pyjamas. We found that you can really smother them in it and the pjs keep it on their skin. PLUS it doesn’t go everywhere.

6) Try to use cotton clothes as much as possible.

7) Use non-biological washing powder and sensitive fabric conditioner. I am waiting for something to happen to my washing machine as we can’t use a well-known product that reduces limescale and helps it to “live longer”.

8) Apply the cream often, we put in on Cracker (whose skin is worse) in the morning, at lunchtime and before bed, plus whenever we see him scratching.

I hope that at least one of my tips may be useful to you if your child has eczema. Let me know if you have any others and I will update my list!

The views and tips listed here are all my own.

Trendy Tot Thursday (25/09/2014)

Another Friday comes by, and here is this weeks Trendy Tot Thursday! I’m only getting to write this now as I have a bit of a poorly and tearful Cracker cuddling in next to me after I had to pick him up early from the childminders. Luckily Biscuit is still there and having a fun time, even if her twin isn’t there.

We take the twins swimming every week as Rob and I both feel it is very important for them to be safe and happy in the water. Rob feels especially strongly about this having grown up on a small island surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.

Over the months we have found a problem in that they both get quite cold once they’re out of the pool and out of their wetsuits. They have a lovely warm shower and then are wrapped up in snuggly towels, but are still always quite chilly. When they were little they had fleecy babygrows with feet, but since they want to walk everywhere we had to find something a little more age appropriate.

We found ‘Après Splash’ towel suits from Splash About, here. They consist of tracksuit-style trousers and a hooded jumper made of supersoft bamboo towelling material.

On the way to swimming this week it was warm enough that Biscuit and Cracker just wore the trousers with little vests from Primark and their Clarks doodles sandals.


On the way home, and at home afterwards, they wore the hooded jumpers too to keep them lovely and warm.



They are obviously so comfortable in these tracksuits and love having them on. People always comment on them, including the manager at the swimming pool we went to on holiday, people on the beach when they wore them after splashing in the sea and people at the gym. The general consensus is that they’d sell lots of adult size ones if they were available! I’d definitely get one!!

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Hope to see you again next week for another Trendy Tot Thursday, and please feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ whenever you have time!

Trendy Tot Thursday (18/09/2014)

“What should we wear today”!

No wonder I love picking the twins’ clothes out, look at their beautiful wardrobe from Feather and Black! The only problem is that it is full of lovely clothes all ready for the winter and we haven’t had days cold enough to justify getting them out- just you wait though!!!

This week I have to apologise for the photos. My pictures are never the best quality but this week, in particular, Biscuit and Cracker have been camera shy. They smile and pose beautifully for me, until I get the camera out, then they move and run away!! Typical!

Cracker wore these fantastic nautical shorts from Boots MiniClub. They are quite smart shorts, but still comfortable and fashionable. His t-shirt is part of a set from Vertbaudet. It came with some brilliant denim dungarees (watch this space, I’ll be showing them soon) but I teamed it with these shorts. It is a plain t-shirt, but with the pocket detail on the sleeve that adds a different dimension. It also has poppers down the back which sounds bizarre but it means the t-shirt looks quite fitted as it doesn’t have to go over his head. I teamed it again with his funky Scruffy Dog Shoes. Cracker is super picky over his shoes, he will go into full blown tantrum mode if you try and put on shoes he doesn’t want to wear!!!

Two outfits for Biscuit this week. The first is a long-sleeved t-shirt from Boots. Again, this was part of a set with a beautiful denim dress (I love these sets, you can really get your money’s worth by mixing and matching the clothes to make different outfits). But she wore it with this fabulous, patterned skirt from George at Asda. Our childminder adores this skirt on Biscuit, and we always get compliments on it when she wears it out. I love the 60s vibe to it, particularly when she wears it with a little jumper and some trainers and ankle socks! For this outfit, I teamed it with some Crocs. Love them or hate them for yourself, you can’t deny how handy they are for kids! The second outfit is a long-sleeved dress from Boots. Again this also came with navy, spotty leggings, but she didn’t want to wear them (toddlers, hey?). This outfit is also teamed with her Scruffy Dog Shoes. The twins always want to match each other and, as Cracker had his Scruffy Dogs on, Biscuit had to wear hers!! Funny bunnies 😉

I hope you enjoy reading our Trendy Tot Thursday as much as I enjoyed writing it! Check out The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex for more!

Hope to see you again next week for another Trendy Tot Thursday, and please feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ whenever you have time!

Trendy Tot Thursday (11/09/2014)

Yawn snore snooze As it’s a late night post for me, I thought that I would take inspiration from what the twins are currently wearing.

These are some old school Mothercare pyjamas that, I think, came in a handy pack of two (perfect for a pack of two babies)! I got them ages ago when I saw them on offer in store and thought “oh they’ll grow into them one day”. The best thing about having twins in this situation is that I don’t have to pick whether they’ll wear the “my heart belongs to mummy” or the “daddy you are my hero” top as they both get worn!!

They are very comfortable and are generous sizes. These are 18-24mths and even my big boy, Cracker, fits into them beautifully. The thick waistband is strong but not tight and the envelope neckline makes the tops easy to get on and off.

We chop and change who wears which top and which trousers depending on who asks for which animal (giraffe or elephant)! I love pyjamas for myself, I would quite happily love in my ones and I love buying pyjamas for them. In fact, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to do a Trendy Tot Thursday about them (and maybe more to come in the future, they have some fantastic night wear in their wardrobe to grow into). I make sure they are the softest material that I can, with a comfy waist and that are not too tight around the wrist or ankle.

IMG_1633.JPG I admit that this photo is a bit of a cheat as it was from a couple of weeks ago when we were spending one night at my brother and sister-in-law’s house before going on holiday, but I couldn’t resist showing you how sweetly they snuggled up to each other that night!!
I hope you enjoy reading our sleepy Trendy Tot Thursday as much as I enjoyed writing it! Check out The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex for more!
Hope to see you again next week for another Trendy Tot Thursday, and please feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ whenever you have time!

Trendy Tot Thursday (07/08/2014)

This week has been so busy with work and I have had barely two minutes to myself. But I have had time to do Trendy Tot Thursday, couldn’t let a week go by without sharing Biscuit and Cracker’s clothes with you via The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex (btw, if you don’t already follow @TheMotherGeek and @ClearlyBex on Twitter then I thoroughly recommend you do)!
Three days a week the twinks go to a childminder. When they’re there they have so much fun going to parks and museums, and generally burning off all their energy. Of course this makes for mucky clothes, and I struggled at first with them potentially ruining their beautiful clothes. That is why I get so much of their stuff from cheaper shops (like Primark and Boots). Plus, they’re growing like proverbial weeds.
Now I have pre-warned you for Biscuit’s ensemble…. The majority of which is from Primark!

This is actually a skirt and a top, although put together like this it looks a bit like a dress. You get two tops in a pack, this one and a white one with a picture on the front. The skirt is dead simple with a nice, wide and comfortable waistband. Underneath she is just wearing a white vest, I always try to put a vest or a nappy cover on her when she’s in a skirt or a dress as she loves undoing her nappy! The socks are from Gap (we love their socks are they’re comfy, funky and have a great non-slip sole) and she’s picked her pink Primark trainers to go with the outfit. Biscuit is nothing if not colour co-ordinated! The dribble bib is from Bibetta, which we found at Mam. They are both dribbling furiously at the moment and these are double thickness and made from the same sort of fabric as their normal bibs. It means that they can dribble away to their hearts content without it soaking through onto their clothes and giving them a sore neck.

Cracker’s outfit also contains some Primark, but not all!

20140806-211519-76519019.jpg Rob is 100% Italian and very proud of his heritage. In the run up to the World Cup 2014 he bought Cracker an Italian polo shirt from Sports Direct and I, for one, think he looks incredibly handsome in it! It’s a little thicker than his normal t-shirts so we had to wait for a day that wasn’t as hot as it has been. His shorts are the input from Primark and are actually swimming trunks. I think they look good as normal shorts with the added benefit of being incredibly fast drying if he spills his drink on himself! He is, once again, wearing his Clarks Doodles sandals. I always let them choose which of their pairs of shoes they would like to wear that day so he must like them as they are what he always picks! He also has a colour co-ordinated Bibetta dribble bib on.


Hope to see you again next week for another Trendy Tot Thursday, and please feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ whenever you have time!

Toys for Two-year-olds

As many of you are aware, last week Biscuit and Cracker turned two. They were very lucky little twinks and received lots of amazing presents from those that love them. We struggled trying to find them things that were suitable for their age group, but that would hold their attention and interest, so I wanted to write this post in the hopes that others may find it useful. Disclaimer: some of the toys featured are “suitable from 36 months” but Rob and I took a risk assessment that we would be supervising them whilst playing and would rather teach them to play sensibly. You know your own children better than anyone else and will need to see how you feel about getting toys older than they are.
Firstly we got them a Little Tikes picnic table

20140803-212150-76910699.jpg for them to use inside ‘baby jail’ for eating, drawing, playing etc. They enjoy having a table their own size and regularly sit down at it to watch films (for ‘films’ read Frozen!).
I have previously spoken of my love for Early Learning Centre’s HappyLand toys. We have bought many of the sets for Biscuit and Cracker over the past six months and this birthday has been no different

20140803-213015-77415595.jpg We bought them the Royal Birthday set, the beach set, the football set and the amazing pirate ship. You should have seen their faces in the morning when they first saw the ship (in fact, you should have seen Rob’s face when he opened it- what a big kid)! From all the sets, we have so many HappyLand people

20140803-213540-77740004.jpg and these are great for imagination play. Even when they’re not playing with HappyLand, per se, they’ll get some people out and involve them in other things they’re doing!
Lots of the children I know have a play kitchen, it’s a fabulous addition to role play. Biscuit and Cracker also have a lovely wooden kitchen and so some of their presents were designed to be used in conjunction with it. Rob and I found some play food and an old fashioned picnic basket

20140803-214039-78039267.jpg and my lovely friend, C, gave them lots of play utensils, crockery and cutlery

20140803-214128-78088290.jpg, this stuff is amazing and they use it so appropriately

Cracker has a real obsession with cars, it takes us forever to walk anywhere as he has to point out every car he sees. We have quite a few little ones (including ones from HappyLand) sets, but when we found these monster size ones from Early Learning Centre we had to get them. We put them in our room (where they come when they first wake up) and even at 0530am it was hard not to smile when I heard his really loud “wow” and then being driven over!

At this age, it is important for them to develop physically. My gorgeous friend, P, got them ‘My First Scooter’ from Ozbozz (from Amazon). Obviously, these are things that they will grow into, but they already enjoy zooming up and down the hallway on them. The look of determination on Biscuit’s face is priceless

20140803-215023-78623148.jpg. They have ToddleBikes from last year, but we wanted them to have bikes to play on at my Mum and Dad’s house. So, we found Bouncycles from Argos and they thought they were fantastic

20140803-215305-78785347.jpg They didn’t get the bounce action straight away, but with more strength and practice they’ll be fine. Plus, the wheels are so chunky and sturdy that they are the perfect practice bike.
Biscuit and Cracker’s godmother, S, and her family very kindly got them a Big Jigs Rail set, including personalised trains and a play mat.

20140803-215708-79028245.jpg They both love it so much, they get it out first thing in the morning and I’m not allowed to tidy it away until after they’ve gone to bed, or they just get the whole thing out again!

I hope this post has been helpful for those looking to buy gifts for any two-year-olds they know. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions, Christmas will be here sooner than we all think and then we’ll have to discover what else we can get them!!