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Five Things To Be Grateful For… Day Five

As this is my last of my five days of five things to be grateful for posts I am going to look at more general things today instead of things that happened today.
1) Family
I am lucky to have a lovely, supportive family, both here at home with Rob and with my parents and other family members further a field. The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child and my only wish was that we all did live in the same village!! I don’t know what I’d have done without all their help over the last two years.

2) Friends
I count myself very lucky to have some amazing friends, both old and quite new. With my oldest friends I know that I don’t have to see them all the time to know that they’re there and we can pick up wherever we leave off. With my new friends, I don’t think that I’d be getting through the course without them!

3) The Twins
I am so totally in love with being a mama and know how lucky I am to have my boy and my girl. They make me smile and laugh, even on my saddest day, and they amaze me every day with their development. Yes, I may have turned into one of those women whose life and conversations revolve around her amazing offspring, but I am not sorry- they’re brilliant!


4) Food
I am unfortunately never going to be size 0 due to my obscene love of food! Being married to an Italian means I have access to some delicious food at the drop of a hat (homemade tiramisu anyone?!). Our favourite evenings involve good food and a good film, what else could I wish for?

5) Our Lovely, Comfy Bed
Every night when I climb into bed, I am thankful for it being the most comfortable place in the universe. Speaking of which….

Night night all!


Five Things To Be Grateful For… Day Four

1) Uni
It was quite a hard-going day at uni today, but that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for going to uni and get paid to retrain. It is an amazing opportunity for me and I am not going to waste it. Being able to take what I loved from my nursing career and merge it with the hours that are the best for my family and me is something I am so lucky to be able to do.
You guys may need to remind me of this post next time an essay is due!!!

2)Flip Flops
I love flip flops, I would wear them all year round if I could! And this weather is perfect flip flop weather. Plus they remind me of one of my favourite jokes- what do you call a Frenchman in sandals? Phillipe Fillop!!!!

3) Gelato!
Uni days are shorter than work days so I was home in time to take my little family out for a gelato. Being a true Italian Rob loves Gelato (note I said Gelato, not ice cream) and we also go out for it on his birthday and other special occasions. Today wasn’t special for any other reason than we were out together!


4) Reins
This may be a controversial post as I know there are plenty of people out there who are very against child-reins and I respect your opinions. BUT I have two toddlers and live spitting distance from some of the busiest streets in the country, so for safety’s sake we use reins on the twins. Plus Biscuit is such an independent little soul that she doesn’t always like holding hands, so the reins mean she is still attached to us. My mum and dad have the old fashioned reins from Boots which are dead sweet. We have the backpack version, as I think they’ll be useful for carrying their little bits and pieces when they’re a little older.


5) Quick Cuddles In The Bath
I love getting in the bath with the twinkles and having cuddles. I quickly jumped in with Cracker whilst Biscuit was being dried. We had cuddles, he did my hair (!!!) and ‘helped’ me wash myself (he likes the bubbles). I love those times with them, as they get older I know I’ll have less opportunity to do it. I am making the most of it now!

Night night all.

Five Things To Be Grateful For… Day Three

1) Rain (and, as a sidebar, buggy rain covers and raincoats)
Living in London means that going out with the buggy, especially at the weekend, is tricky. There are tourists everywhere! But today, when I had Biscuit and Cracker in their buggy, it really started to pour it down. The twins had their rain covers on and I had my mummy coat on and we just pushed on through it, but the pavements were absolutely empty. What bliss!

2) Nana naps!
I actually got to have a little cheeky nana nap this afternoon and it was absolutely lush! With our working patterns and the twins, Rob and I don’t often get to have naps. Today Rob took the baby monitor during their nap and let me relax…. For two whole hours! Heaven!

3) Weekends
During my entire working life I have been working shifts- due to nights and weekends all days were the same to me. Now I have a Monday to Friday, 9-5 thing going on I have weekends. The joys of getting to Friday evening and having two days stretching out in front of you is something I am still getting used to and am loving! Obviously I now have to deal with the inevitable crash of Monday morning, but that’s such a small price to pay!

4) Empty Laundry Baskets
Thanks to having wonderful weekends I can now do normal mummy chores at the weekend, like the three loads of washing that had been growing steadily. I actually enjoy doing the washing, sorting them into colours etc appeals to my OCD nature and I always like putting out the little clothes to dry! And it makes the house smell beautiful.

5) Bath Time
My two water babies love having a bath and two nights a week (when Rob works) I get to do bath time alone. Just look at their faces and tell me that you wouldn’t have put that on your list too….!!


Five Things To Be Grateful For… Day Two

1) I got to spend the morning with my dear friend, J. Doing this intensive course means it would be easy for me to turn in to a hermit of epic proportions, so it’s always really good when I can spend time with those people important to me.


2) My parents came to visit this afternoon. We like having visitors, especially ones who are very helpful with entertaining the twins!!! Biscuit and Cracker love their Grammy and Mamps so much and get so excited when they’re around.

3) We went for a nice walk for Grammy and Mamps. Rob got to have a nap after his early start and busy shift at work so we sneaked out and let him enjoy the peace and quiet. Biscuit and Cracker walked the whole way (on their reins) and we so good in shops and even trying to help me carry the shopping home afterwards. It amazes me on a daily basis how much they have grown and developed in 23 short months. I love seeing them become the gorgeous little people they have come.

4) We have finished birthday shopping for Biscuit and Cracker. They turn two in two weeks time (eek, when did that happen?!) and we’ve wanted to get them things that will last them for a while. Our living room already resembles an Early Learning Centre, so maybe our next purchases after their birthday should be storage boxes!!

5) Beautiful cuddles with my gorgeous kitty cat, I. She isn’t a lap cat, but she likes company and being around for cuddles (when she wants them). She is getting used to the twins and will even let them stroke her a little bit now! However, she does definitely prefer some child-free cuddles at times.


Night all! Here’s to another grateful day tomorrow….

Five Things To Be Grateful For…. Day One

A lot of my friends on Facebook have been doing the ‘5 days of 5 things to be grateful for’ posts. It is lovely to see people looking to both the big and the little things in life that they are grateful for and that make us richer than we could really know.
As I am undertaking this year-long, highly intensive university course with two young toddlers at home, it is easy to get bogged down by the stressful and the negative. I am determined, with a little help from my loved ones, to look on the bright side of life and see what things make me happy every day.

1) The twins slept in until 0610am!
To my young, child-free friends and readers I am sure this may seem to be the middle of the night , in fact I remember coming home from nights out at about this time. However, and trust me on this one, it feels like a blissful lie-in to those of us used to having our eyelids prised open at 0515am and demanding that I switch Gaston on (Gaston being the ever-loveable ladybird pet from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, not a nickname for our TV).
As I’ve said before, it’s a good job they’re cute!!


2) It may have been a long day at work, but I managed to get home in record time due to very little traffic.
Having lived walking distance from work for most of my career, it has been a bit of a transition having to commute for an hour or more in the evening rush hour. But tonight the bus whisked me home and I got home in time for lots of cuddles from Biscuit and Cracker!

3) Rob made an awesome dinner.
He had made hot dogs with pulled pork in baps with chips. It was not the healthiest dinner ever made but it was absolutely scrumptious and just what I needed after a busy day.

4) I got to see this:

The twinks dancing with Babbo to the lullaby music from their baby monitor. They love music of all kinds and are real dancers!

5) We have changed the duvet cover.
There is something so comfy and homely and snuggly about getting into a clean bed after a lovely shower. It smells of washing powder and fabric softener…..

On that note, night night all. Sleep tight, don’t let the frostbite bite!