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Trendy Tot Thursday (29/10/2015)

Hi everyone! How are you all?

Having come from a huge rugby-loving household I have got really stuck in to the Rugby 2015 World Cup and have enjoyed watching it (even though we went out far too early for my liking!). 

Before the half-term holiday, Biscuit and Cracker had their very first non-school uniform day at school with the Rugby World Cup as the theme. 

Honestly, how cute do they look?! Biscuit and Cracker are both wearing England rugby tops, bought by Mammy and Mamps for the occasion. Obviously these are very hard-wearing and tough tops. As they are also half-Italian, they are wearing Italian tops from the 2014 Football World Cup underneath! We couldn’t say fairer than that! 

We teamed Biscuit’s top with her pink leggings from Boots. She was more than a little excited to be able to wear her Frozen Crocs to school as she still loves them. 

Cracker is wearing a pair of denim jeans from Primark with his top, as well as the Cars Crocs I struggle to get off his feet at any time other than school. 

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Trendy Tot Thursday 08/10/2015

Hello! Remember us?! We’ve missed three weeks of #TT_Thursday, which is unheard of for us. I apologise; Biscuit and Cracker have started at pre-school full-time and so wear uniform all day and then get home and it’s straight in the bath and then in their pyjamas as they’re so tired. This current routine is not great for showcasing lovely clothes. 

Luckily, we finally managed to get out and about last weekend and here are the results. 

Biscuit’s gorgeous dress is from a brand called ‘Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve’, which I found at T K Maxx a little while ago. It is short-sleeved (worn here with a long-sleeved t-shirt from M&Co for warmth), beautiful embroidered front and a delicate blue flower pattern on the skirt. It also washes surprisingly well (I’ve even managed to wash chorizo sauce out of it) and Biscuit thinks she’s a princess in it. Her flower headband is from Next Children, it was bought for my brother’s wedding and I wanted her to wear it more than once!! Obviously she has on her Frozen Crocs; she has missed these having to swap them for school shoes most of the time! Goodness knows what we’ll do in winter. 

Cracker makes no secrets of his absolute love for Disney Pixar’s Cars, so when we recently popped in to Primark for harvest festival clothes and he saw this short-sleeved Cars t-shirt he really wanted it! I teamed it with a long-sleeves grey t-shirt from Mini Club at Boots for warmth and he picked his new grey shorts from Blue Zoo at Debenhams to wear with it. You can’t see them, but I think you can guess what shoes he has on- yep, his Cars Crocs

Thank you for bearing with us through this huge period of change. I hope to be more organised on our weekend and be able to show you when Biscuit and Cracker wear when we aren’t totally exhausted in the evenings!!!! 

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Trendy Tot Thursday (30/07/2015)

What a beautiful day it was today, we’re just back from visiting family and enjoying the sunshine.

Last week it was Biscuit and Cracker’s 3rd birthday and we were celebrating, hence the radio silence. We were lucky that their party was on the one day that it wasn’t tiddling it down with rain.

Biscuit is wearing an amazingly pretty dress from American Apparel, I fell totally in love with it walking past their window display and had to get it for her. It’s in lovely, stretchy, comfortable material and really suits her. I put a pair of short leggings under the dress to protect her whilst playing in the playground, they are from Boots. She is wearing her beloved Frozen Crocs, which she always has on, and her Docs McStuffins baseball cap from George at Asda to protect her from the sun.

Cracker is wearing his brand new Baymax from Big Hero 6 t-shirt from Primark (he is currently obsessed with this film and all related accessories, toys and clothes). He has on the shorts he has been fitting in and wearing for over a year from Boots. They are worn as soon as I manage to wash and dry them, he loves them. He also has on his beloved Lightning Crocs and his Minion baseball cap from George at Asda.

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See you again soon I hope. 

Trendy Tot Thursday (17/07/2015)

Wow! Happy Birthday Trendy Tot Thursday! What a brilliant first year it has been being able to see how other bloggers dress their gorgeous children. 

Cracker this week was initially wearing a top from Primark, which states he is a ‘little gentleman’. When it got too hot, he stripped this off and he had on a t-shirt from Pebble Stone Clothing, which was bought at T K Maxx. As we are potty training, he needed to wear shorts which are easy to remove so he is wearing a pair from Primark. Of course on his feet are his Lightning McQueen Crocs

Biscuit has on a top and legging set in navy and white from George at Asda. It looks dead cute, but thanks to the reasonable price tag I am happy her running round the park in it! When it was a bit nippy in the morning so we paired it with a blue cardigan from Petit Bateau. She is also wearing her Crocs, with Anna and Elsa on them from Frozen. 

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Trendy Tot Thursday (02/07/2015)

I hope this post finds everyone well. 

This post is less about ‘trendy’ clothes and more about keeping your little ones safe in the sun, especially in this heatwave we are currently…enjoying?!? 

These are all clothes you have seen before (apart from the hats) I think, but please stick with us. Cracker is wearing his Olaf t-shirt from Primark, his shorts from Mini Club at Boots and his Lightning McQueen Crocs. His Minion baseball cap is from George at Asda and is a firm favourite of his. Biscuit is wearing a dress from Mini Club at Boots and her Frozen Crocs. Her amazing, floppy, purple Sofia the First hat is from Disney Store UK

We put these things on because they fulfilled the sun safe rule of SLIP, SLAP, SLOP. This means your children (and you too) should slip on a cotton t-shirt, slap on a hat and slop on the sun screen, hopefully meaning they stay as safe as they can whilst enjoying playing outside. The cotton t-shirt will help to cover them up and keep them cool, a wide-brimed hat will keep the sun off their face and out of their eyes (and if it’s like Biscuit’s it will also help to protect their necks), and the sunscreen will help protect their gorgeous, delicate skin from harmful rays. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed another week getting a sneaky peak at the twins’ wardrobes. We’ve enjoyed showing you! For more #TT_Thursday, please visit Clearly Bex and Mother Geek- they are our wonderful hosts of this fun linky. 

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Trendy Tot Thursday (25/06/1015)

Hi there! Sorry for missing you last week. Life does sometimes get on top of you doesn’t it? But we are back with avengence this week, hope you’re ready!!! 

Has everyone had a good week? We have been busy (do the words ‘potty training’ strike fear into the hearts of any other parents of toddlers???), hence the Sunday posting, again

My gorgeous Cracker is wearing a t-shirt from Rocket and Rose which we bought from Zulily. You may remember it from their birthday Trendy Tot last July; as you can see, it still fits! Not only that, but it has survived multiple wears and washes. The colour is still as vibrant as ever, and the transfer decoration is still pristine. What more could a Mama ask for? His shorts are actually swim shorts from Primark, but they’re really comfortable for him and very hard wearing. He is also wearing his Lightning McQueen Crocs, these are some of the most loved shoes in the world. Plus, being Crocs it means that they can be wiped down when they get muddy/messy- very handy! 

Beautiful Biscuit is wearing her Doc McStuffins baseball cap from George at Asda, a pretty white dress her Grammy bought her from a brand I have never heard of called ABQ (goodness knows where she got it from, my Mum is a genius at spotting gorgeous things), a pair of well-worn, but still vibrant pink leggings from Boots and her Frozen Crocs (again, I love Crocs for toddlers, they are like the perfect summer shoes). I was initially a little nervous of her running around and playing in a white dress, but have learnt that if you feel like that then they have items which never get worn. And that is more of a waste than if one gets mucky in the park. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed another week getting a sneaky peak at the twins’ wardrobes. We’ve enjoyed showing you! For more #TT_Thursday, please visit Clearly Bex and Mother Geek– they are our wonderful hosts of this fun linky. 

Please feel free to drop by at any time and say ‘hi’, we like company! 

Trendy Tot Thursday (11/06/2015)

Hello and welcome to another week where I get to show off my beautiful twinkles and tell you what they’re wearing! 

It’s rather an eclectic mix for you this week as my twins are toddlers and will only pose when they deem fit; even if they are wearing something ridiculously cute that is no guarantee they will ever let anyone see it! 

This is why Cracker has picked his pyjamas to show you this week!!

  His jumper is from George at Asda; it was in the Spring sale and it is 2 sizes too big, but super comfy and perfect for over jammies! The jammies in question, which you can only see the bottom half of, are shortie jammies from Primark. They are Dusty from Disney/Pixar’s Planes, Cracker spends most of his awake time wearing these flying around the flat! He is always wearing Mickey Mouse slippers from his favourite place in the world- the Disney Store. They are soft and padded and has Mickey’s face on them, what more could a 2 year old want from slippers?!

Unlike her brother- Biscuit is more than happy to pose on demand!


Doesn’t she look like a little super star on her Mini Micro Scooter?! Her sailor dress is from Powell Craft. Word of warning- this dress is on the generous size! Biscuit, at 34 months is wearing their 12-24 months size. I know she’s petite but seriously?!? The cardigan is from a brand called Barbaras, I bought it from Zulily– originally it was Cracker’s but now Biscuit is making good use out of it. Her Doc McStuffins baseball hat and her Frozen sunglasses were a present from her Mamps (Cracker got a Minions hat and Avengers sunglasses for those  worried about him). All these accessories are from Asda. Her Frozen shoes are from Crocs

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Hope to see you again next week for another Trendy Tot Thursday, and please feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ whenever you have time!