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It’s The Little Things In Life

We all have those days where worries and stresses seem to enter our heads and take hold.

Whether these thoughts are about money, work, body image or anything else that concerns you it is really hard to keep perspective on what you have in life.

When the new year came in, there were many ideas on social media about how to remind yourself what you have. There are bloggers who are doing 365 days of photos of things that make them happy, people on Facebook and Twitter are uploading their #100DaysHappy snaps and there were links on Pinterest to people getting a jar and filling it with reminders of all the things that made them happy and smile during the year so that when they open it on New Years’ Eve it shows them what a good year it has been for them.

Biscuit and Cracker make this job easier for me. They make me smile and giggle so much that even on bad days I feel happy. This may be little things like when they toddle over to me give me a cuddle, or when they play peek-a-boo with each other. It is the little mannerisms that they do and the funny faces they pull. It is the way they can take the most boring item and be happy about playing with it for ages. Yesterday they spent about half an hour playing with my new clothes pegs, putting them in a box and taking them out again. Then the other day they spent a good 15 minutes in the bath laughing out loud at filling up an empty bubble bath bottle with water and then squirting it out. Rob and I went to bed with the biggest grins on our faces that night!

There are many things that can make us unhappy. January is a long month with six weeks between pay packets. After Christmas, many of us may be feeling slightly heavier than normal. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with things, but it never seems so easy to use positive thinking to banish stress.

However you do it, whether you use one of the ideas I told you about or if you simply take five minutes during your day to look at your friends and family and smile at the little things, remember what you have and how brilliant you are.

Good luck today!