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The Inconvenience of Ill Health

2016 so far has not been kind to us. In the past 5 weeks we have visited 2 hospitals and 2 GP practices on 7 separate occasions; my mum has broken her femur (thigh bone), Cracker has had 2 anaphylactic reactions (to, as yet, an unknown cause) and is currently battling a 40oc fever (again of unknown origin) and Biscuit has been struggling with more viral-induced wheeze. 

The majority of these illnesses, and the subsequent doctor visits, have taken place in the evening or at the weekend. As parents we know that our children are more likely to need a medical assessment on a Friday evening, after a full 45 hour week at work, or on a Sunday of a Bank Holiday weekend. NB: if Jeremy Hunt doesn’t believe that doctors work at these unsocial times, let me tell you that they do. I have yet to walk in to an A&E department and been unable to see staff there. These unsocial visits have an impact on who looks after the other twinkle, work, family get-togethers, catching-up with uni friends (sorry girls) and, trust me on this one, family weddings. I know if you’re not living it, it is hard to believe how many things get cancelled or missed due to your little ones being unwell. I know where I’d rather be just as much as  I know where I’ve got to be.

Then there’s the stress of it. I have been nursing for 10 years now, but nothing prepares you for when it’s your baby sick and needing help. Rob always says that, in fact, it is worse for me as I have knowledge of the worst-case scenarios. I’m sure that the stress alone is enough to make parents sick, but you have to keep going for the child who is poorly (as well as the children who aren’t, but still need you). It doesn’t make you want to do anything bar relaxing at home (obviously whilst listening intently to the monitor for the slightest cough or sniffle)

I wish I could make Biscuit and Cracker 100% healthy, but until they get a bit bigger and hopefully a lot stronger we are going to have to deal with just how inconvenient ill health is. I only hope that our friends and family are patient enough to still be around when that happens….! 



Trendy Tot Thursday (27/11/2014)

I’ve struggled with our Trendy Tot Thursday this week. Biscuit and Cracker have been poorly and not able to do anything, especially pose for Mama’s pictures! So this week there’s nothing exciting, it was all about comfort and ease of washing (snotty, sneezy children make for a lot of washing)!

Cracker is wearing a Mountain Warehouse t-shirt that my parents bought him on holiday. It’s that lovely material that keeps you cool and is really fast drying. With his temperature being all over the place, this t-shirt is a good layer for him. We’ve teamed it with some super-comfy Mini Club at Boots jogging bottoms. These are so useful and versatile we have them in three different colours!

Biscuit has been really floored by this illness and has only wanted to sit and cuddle. She is wearing a lovely red t-shirt by Florence and Fred by Tesco and a pair of jeggings by Mini Club at Boots. The jeggings are a little short in the leg as they are 12-18 months, but these are the only size that fit her waist (does anyone else have this same issue?). They are good for round the house, stretchy enough to be comfortable and not restrict movement, but she can’t wear them out anymore! Maybe for Summer days when she could be in cropped trousers?!?!

After a hard week wiping noses, drying tears and administering lots of paracetamol, it was lovely when they went to each other and had a kiss and cuddle!


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Hope to see you again next week for another Trendy Tot Thursday, and please feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ whenever you have time!