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Act With Kindness

The Fred Rogers’ quote “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping'” has been used often to try to help with recent global events. I know I have spoken to Biscuit and Cracker about this, in an attempt to stop them being so scared by the news images which have tragically become part of our everyday lives.

Rest assured, those helpers are always there; whether that’s our amazing emergency services, individual helpers who go over and above to help others or whole communities coming together to provide support/shelter/etc. Those helpers are there after terrorist incidents, natural disasters or events like the Grenfell House fire. They are both visible and working behind the scenes (let’s not forget our 999 call handlers who got Police to the London Bridge area in order to neutralise the terrorists within 8 minutes of the call to them). But can we all be helpers?

Of course we can. I don’t mean that we should all metaphorically don capes and throw ourselves in to potentially dangerous situations, but knowing that we can all help in our own way. We can be kind to people. We can treat them with respect. Rob and I are raising Biscuit and Cracker to be tolerant, to listen to other people’s views and to respect them (VERY different from agreeing with them btw), by understanding that if it doesn’t directly impact on you then your opinion is limited and by being kind. This means remembering that words have a huge impact, that your actions/inactions can hurt people, and that empathy is one of the most vitally important skills you can ever use.

I am always honest with Biscuit and Cracker with what’s going on in the world (it’s their world too after all). They are aware of who Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Jeremy Hunt are and what their views are (if you’re wondering; “he’s a silly man who doesn’t like people who have different colour skin than him”, “he’s mean as he doesn’t think boys and boys and girls and girls should get married” and “he’s a stinky poo-poo head because he doesn’t think paramedics and nurses are important and do a brilliant job” respectively). I admit I struggled watching the DUP politicians (with their anti-LGBTQ, anti-choice stance) being given such airtime on TV and such power in Westminster. I respect that they have different views to me, but I severely dislike their damning words regarding things which are so personal and their judgments on people (nothing wrong with the saying “if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”). There’s no kindness in what they say.

One final thought, before my random ramblings come to an end (thank you for putting up with a slightly different post from Biscuit and Cracker today); be kind to yourself. Sometimes we find it easier to be kind to others, but we shouldn’t leave ourselves out of that.

Look after yourselves and I hope to see you again soon.









Two for the price of one?

There is some funny twin mama humour which answers the numerous times someone says “two for the price of one” to us with “the only thing my twins have shared is their birthday and my uterus”!

This is why we have a lot of toys, many of them in matching pairs so that Biscuit and Cracker can have one each. Of course the big things, like the toy kitchen and play tent, they share and other things they get their own version, like Biscuit has Toy Story’s Jessie and Cracker has Woody. It is the smaller things, the trains and teddies etc, that we buy two exactly the same.

So how do they know whose is whose? They may be twins, but I still want them to know that they have things of their own. I never want them to feel that they’re interchangeable, or that they don’t get personal property as they are one of a pair. Some things (and here is where the people who hate gender stereotyping may object) we get in blue and pink. From an early age they could recognise whose sippy cup it is, or whose bib as Cracker always had the blue one and Biscuit always had the pink. Don’t blame me on the colour- manufacturers generally do blue, pink and one gender-neutral colour like green or cream!

Other things are harder as they are identical. This can cause issues. I started writing their initials on things, but they can’t yet read (slackers) so I added a picture- a star for Cracker and a heart for Biscuit. They picked that up straight away and will look for the mark of their toys or beakers and, more importantly, will swap if they’ve picked up the wrong one.

I love them being twinkles, but I also embrace their individuality and own personalities. I see them as two sides of the same coin- totally different to look at and feel, but a part of a bigger whole as well.


Why We Were Missing!

I don’t know if anyone was wondering why we missed last week’s Trendy Tot Thursday, as we have been involved every week since it started back in July 2014.

I am normally a little delayed in posting our entry due to work commitments etc so they come out at the weekend.

Unfortunately last weekend was spent with little Biscuit being very poorly and getting admitted to hospital with pneumonia. And whilst she looked incredibly cute, I don’t think a cannula for antibiotics could be classed as “trendy”!

I have previously posted that Biscuit had been ill before, but even that coupled with years of experience on the other side of the uniform will never prepare me for the horrible feeling when one of my kiddies is poorly. Combine that with the worry you have leaving another at home with friends or family and you have a very stressful time.

Thankfully, after a weekend of strong antibiotics and regular pain relief, Biscuit was well enough to continue her recovery at home and she is much, much better. Cracker also needed lots of TLC after Biscuit was admitted as he was worried about her, and also had his schedule disrupted. Cuddles all round this week!

Anyway, thank you for baring with us. Hopefully normal service will be resumed this week, although we haven’t really been anyway so we’ve been trendy at home.

Christmas At Casa Biscuit and Cracker, part 1

It’s the first of December, this means I can start blogging all our Christmas traditions, crafts and ideas… Doesn’t it?! Happy Advent everyone!
Children grow up so fast don’t they? I’m not talking about kids nowadays with their incredible grasp of technology or anything, I’m talking about their actual size. This time two years ago Biscuit and Cracker were four months old and pretty teeny tiny, I wanted to start a tradition to record this.
So I made salt dough and imprinted their hands and feet, and I have done it both Christmases since as well.
Salt dough is really simple to make.

I have just put ‘measure’ as what measure you use will depend on how much salt dough you. If you use a cup as your base measure you won’t get a lot of dough, but it may be enough for your little ones tiny hand. We use bigger measures as we do both Biscuit and Cracker’s hands and feet and a double print for their grandparents.

Knead the dough until it’s a lovely smooth texture, I do find I have to flour the surface and the rolling pin or it sticks- see what works for you. I put the dough into the dishes and then get them to make their prints as trying to put soft dough into a dish with the print on is tricky business! At this point, I put holes in the dough in order to be able to hang them up in the future if we want (you won’t be able to do this later). I put our oven the lowest it goes and then bake for 3-4 hours, don’t be tempted to crank it up or you’ll burn the outside of the dough. I also tend to leave them in the off oven overnight to cool slowly.

The previous two years I have been too impatient and tried to decorate before they were properly cool and hard, trust me when I say how much harder you’ll make your life. This year I was very patient and waited a week before decorating them. This was so much better!

I got normal poster paint, mixed it with PVA glue and a teeny bit of water so it’s not too thick and then painted. Again, I waited about a day between painting the different colours. The back of them is painted white and I have written their names and ‘Christmas 2014’ on the back in Sharpie.
As I said, we have done this every year, just look how they’ve grown…


Trendy Tot Thursday (06/11/2014)

Yay! It is finally cold! Biscuit and Cracker have had their winter jackets hanging in the wardrobe for ages and now, finally, we can get them out and get some use out of them!

Absolutely ages ago Zulily had fantastic coat and trouser sets from Blanc de Blanc (I can’t find a website for them, if anyone knows of one please let me know as I’d love to get more of their stuff in the future). They are waterproof with a soft fleecy liner (and the sets came with a hat each, as modelled by Biscuit) and are fantastic.

For this trip out we didn’t need the trousers, but I can see when they would be useful and I kicked myself for not putting them on the twins in fireworks night! The coats kept them warm and cosy. Biscuit is wearing a wool dress from George Clothing at Asda. It is 12-18 months but is so generously sized that it is still good now, at 28 months. I teamed this with her autumn Slugs and Snails, bought from Itsy Bits (a lovely independent seller of all things pretty and perfect). Her Clarks boots seem to be permanently on her feet as it has been a bit too wet for trainers.

Cracker is wearing his coat with a pair of jeans from Next which look really cool. The denim is really thick and I do worry about him being a bit cold in them (compared to thick tracksuit trousers for example), especially when they get wet. The slide was a little damp and the jeans stayed wet and cold for ages afterwards (next time he’ll be wearing a pair of Slugs and Snails underneath them to keep his legs warm)! His Clarks boots are also always on his feet, he has extremely wide feet and we struggle to find shoes so when we do he gets a lot of wear out of them.

I may be in the minority for saying this, but I hope the cooler weather is here to stay and Biscuit and Cracker can model the warm cosy clothes they have waiting for them. And just wait for the Christmas clothes to come out….. SO excited!

I hope you enjoy reading our Trendy Tot Thursday as much as I enjoyed writing it! Check out The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex for more!

Hope to see you again next week for another Trendy Tot Thursday, and please feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ whenever you have time!

Trendy Tot Thursday (09/10/2014)

Last weekend I took the twinkles to my parents house and whilst there, they got to wear some lovely new clothes that they got given for their birthday.


Both Biscuit and Cracker’s clothes are from M & Co. We don’t have one near us so we don’t often get to see what they have in, but the clothes we do have from there are lovely.


Cracker’s outfit consists of a polo shirt and some tracksuit bottoms. They are comfortable for him, allow him to run round and burn off some energy, but they’re nice enough that he looks smart in them. The trousers are quite long (they are size 2-3 years, like all his trousers now), but they fold up easily, and I hope it means that they’ll last him well. Cracker wore his Clarks‘ boots with the outfit as this weather is so unpredictable it’s good that he is wearing weather-proof shoes.


Biscuit has on a beautiful, long-sleeved dress. It is a lovely colour on her and is nice and snuggly-warm. It came with a pair of leggings but they’re a bit big on her waist, so I teamed them with a pair of our favourite Slugs and Snails tights. You can’t see them in the pictures, but Biscuit was also wearing her Clarks‘ boots when we went out.

I love finding them different clothes from shops we don’t tend to go in a lot, especially ones that are so lovely, comfy and beautiful. Can anyone recommend anymore shops for us to try?

I hope you enjoy reading our Trendy Tot Thursday as much as I enjoyed writing it! Check out The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex for more!

Hope to see you again next week for another Trendy Tot Thursday, and please feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ whenever you have time!

Trendy Tot Thursday (02/10/2014)

Hello! I hope you’re all well. Welcome to another #TT_Thursday from Biscuit and Cracker.

This week it’s all about the denim in our household.


Biscuit is wearing a lovely denim pinafore dress from Marks and Spencer, it was advertised as a summer dress but I think you could layer this with something long or short sleeved to make it last. I’m hoping to get lots of use out of this pretty dress throughout the colder season. Her polka-dot t-shirt is from Cath Kidston. Her tights are plain pink ones from who knows where!! We took advantage of the TAMBA 20% off weekend at Clarks to get them their new boots- I think Biscuit’s sparkly cowboy boots are super cute!

A couple of weeks ago, Cracker was sporting this white t-shirt with different bottoms. Now I can show you the t-shirt and the dungarees that came from Verbaudet as a set. I love little ones in dungarees and I think they are so comfy for running, jumping and climbing. These ones are super soft and gorgeous. As with Biscuit, the discount helped us buy him these proper boy boots from Clarks. Cracker has got such wide feet it is really tricky to find him boots that fit, but Clarks did it again!

I hope you enjoy reading our Trendy Tot Thursday as much as I enjoyed writing it! Check out The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex for more!

Hope to see you again next week for another Trendy Tot Thursday, and please feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ whenever you have time!