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Rediscovering Baking

I have recently had the time and the inclination to rediscover my love of baking. Since having the twinkles I haven’t really had a chance to spend my time making cakes etc, but Biscuit and Cracker are now that little bit bigger and will allow me to leave them playing and stand in the kitchen (it’s open plan, they can still see me) and bake.

For a friend who came to visit I made a clementine and lemon loaf, for my Mum for Mothering Sunday I made spiced honey and lemon cake with lemon frosting, I made a sweet carrot cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting for Rob and the twins and a less-sweet version for my Mum and Dad (who do not have sweet teeth), and just yesterday I made banana and chocolate chip muffins with peanut butter frosting. I also tried a mug cake from Pinterest as a quick pudding after dinner the other night.

There is something so incredibly satisfying about taking a bunch of ingredients and turning them into something delicious to be enjoyed by those you love. And it is good for relaxing and clearing your mind at the end of a long day.

Do any of you have any go to recipie that I should try? Please keep in mind just how amateur I am so no croquembouche please!