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Reading To Twin Toddlers

World Book Day got me thinking about the books we read to Biscuit and Cracker. I saw so many children dressed as such a variety of characters it got me thinking about the stories the twins have been exposed to.

I have never been one to want to read three or four little stories to Biscuit and Cracker, instead I have read long books to them a chapter at a time. Maybe it’s because that’s what my parents did with me?

I have read to the twins the Harry Potter series, Roald Dahl, Winnie the Pooh, The Faraway Tree, Peter Rabbit and friends, Paddington, Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales, and His Dark Materials Trilogy to name a few. I am currently going through my beloved Chronicles of Narnia. I enjoy reading these sort of books to them, it’s allowed me to revisit my childhood every evening.

Rob is similar and he has read, in Italian, the Harry Potter series (yes, we are a couple of potterheads), Roald Dahl (for the first time for him, what sort of childhood did he have in Italy?!?), and Arabian Nights. He is currently trawling through Lord of the Rings with them (I definitely think this is more for him than for them, my husband is a geek!).

They obviously have a wide collection of their own books and stories which they pick and choose during the day and we will sit down and read them. This ranges from Mr Tumble to Toy Story and everything in between. Stories like Guess How Much I Love You and The Gruffalo we have in both English and Italian so that as they get older they can choose which language they want to read in that day (plus it’s good for me to try and read them too).

I am so glad that the twins love books and stories because I am exactly the same. I have always been told that I “devour” books and Rob bought me a Kindle to save on luggage allowance whenever we go away, I used to take so many books with me to last a week/fortnight!