It's my life, but not as I knew it!

Hello and welcome to the last Trendy Toy Thursday of 2015. Once again, I thank you for your patience in sticking it out with us  since Biscuit and Cracker started school in September and our #TT_Thursdays became more sporadic. 

Our course this week has a Christmas theme, how could it not?! We love anything and everything about Christmas in our house. 

Biscuit and Cracker are both wearing jumpers from George at Asda. They were bought by their godfather Paul, and are absolutely fabulous! They go together as a pair really well and, surprisingly, there wasn’t even any fighting over who would wear which one! 

Biscuit decided that she was a “princess elf” because of the jumper coupled with her beautiful red, tutu skirt from Zara in Italy. We bought it in January thinking it would be perfect for Christmas, and it is! She has paired that with her elf Slugs and Snails tights. These are the exact same ones she wore this time last year, they just last so well! And her sparkly shoes purchased from Zulily have made another appearance!

Underneath her jumper is a brilliant Minion Christmas t-shirt from Primark, which declares “Santa, I can explain”! 

Cracker is a little trainee Father Christmas. He paired his jumper with some tracksuit bottoms from Marks and Spencer. Now he is choosing his clothes more and more, he will always go for tracksuit bottoms or shorts; like his mamma for loving comfort! At least they’re relatively smart ones! He is, as he always is, wearing his Lightening McQueen Crocs (we can’t get him in anything else when he’s not in school). 

His t-shirt is another Santa body one (like his jumper) from Primark with “#Santa’s number 1 fan” on it! 

All of us here at Casa Biscuit and Cracker wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

To look at more of the last of 2015’s Trendy Tot Thursdays then please go to  The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex to see what everyone is wearing this unseasonably warm winter! 


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  1. They are awesome jumpers, top marks to Godfather Paul! Thank you for sharing. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas & New Year, see you on the 7th for more #TT_Thursday

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