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Hello and welcome to another Trendy Tot Thursday with my gorgeous tots, Biscuit and Cracker. 

Last week one of our linky hosts, Clearly Bex, wrote a post about her tots’ school shoes (read it here). Well, as teeny tiny as Biscuit and Cracker are (they’ve just turned 3) they are starting at full-time pre-school in September in full school uniform. This has meant a whirl of buying blazers, ties, shirts, shorts, pinafores, socks and, last but not least, shoes. 

Although Biscuit and Cracker love their play-around-in shoes, we have always bought their ‘proper’ shoes from Clarks. I had shoes from Clarks growing up and their tradition of proper fittings and quality have lasted. Biscuit and Cracker’s feet are now big enough for their new-fangled iPad fitting system too, how exciting!!! 


It’s only when they’re next to each other that you can see how big Cracker’s feet are compared to Biscuit’s!!!! 

Thank you for reading. Hope to see you again soon. Enjoy the sun and stay safe. 

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Comments on: "Trendy Tot Thursday (17/08/2015)" (6)

  1. Gosh, little Biscuit really does have dinky feet compared to her brother! I love all this school preparation, especially for children going into Reception year, its an exciting time! Leah’s just gone into Size 9’s and she starts Rec class next September. Beautiful shoes, thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  2. Biscuit’s shoes are sooooo cute! I’m too impatient to go to clarks – there’s always a huge queue for measuring 😂 #TT_Thursday

  3. Tina Holmes said:

    Reminds me I have to do the dreaded shoe shop soon. Love the t-bar bow shoes.

    • It’s needs must isn’t it? I was fully expecting it to be a far worse experience than it actually turned out to be! They’re so cute aren’t they?

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