It's my life, but not as I knew it!

Holy Moly, I am cutting it close to the wire here aren’t I?! Well good evening and welcome to a rather late edition of Biscuit and Cracker’s Trendy Tot Thursday!

We have had a rather manic few weeks and now we are all, finally, off work/childcare/etc I feel I can start relaxing a little. 

Cracker is this week, again, showing you his love for Lightning McQueen from Disney Pixar’s Cars. He adores the film, and all the relative bumf associated with it, so here he is! 

His t-shirt is from a brand called Under Armour and it is apparently Heat Gear. This was kindly given to us by a couple of friends whose son had grown out of it, so I cannot at all say where it came from. Cracker’s shorts are Lightning swim shorts from Disney Store and are awesome. They are long, comfy, baggy and fashionable and he loves them. My only downside to them is they are made of the slightly fuzzy material that picks up fur and fluff from everywhere. I hope this stops as I keep washing them more and more. We have, of course, paired this with his Lightning Crocs shoes and he is as happy as Larry

Biscuit really had this posing thing down now, hasn’t she? She is looking cool and chic in a pair of jeggings from Mini Club at Boots (rolled up to the perfect length), a bright pink peplum top with bow detail from Gap. I bought this absolutely ages ago when it was in the sale and Biscuit never looked like she would ever grow enough to fit into it but she has, and she does so yay! She has accessoried with a Doc McStuffins headband which came from George at Asda as part of a set with a dress/nightie (depending what mood Biscuit is in). I know I’m biased but I cannot get over how cute she looks!! 

Thank you for stopping by to look at what my Twin Trendy Tots have been wearing this week. Feel free to stop by next week for more wardrobe rummaging, or if you can’t wait that long; head on over to Clearly Bex or Mother Geek to check out their and other Trendy Tot Thursday posts! Have a great week! 


Comments on: "Trendy Tot (13/08/2015)" (2)

  1. Biscuit is definitely mastering posing now! Fab to see Cracker’s love for Lightening McQueen too! Sam’s more into Roary the racing car – SOB! #TT_Thursday

  2. They are both super outfits, Lewis also enjoys Cars a lot and Leah loves Doc McStuffins. Crackers hairband is lovely, does she keep it on?? #TT_Thursday

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