It's my life, but not as I knew it!

Wow! Happy Birthday Trendy Tot Thursday! What a brilliant first year it has been being able to see how other bloggers dress their gorgeous children. 

Cracker this week was initially wearing a top from Primark, which states he is a ‘little gentleman’. When it got too hot, he stripped this off and he had on a t-shirt from Pebble Stone Clothing, which was bought at T K Maxx. As we are potty training, he needed to wear shorts which are easy to remove so he is wearing a pair from Primark. Of course on his feet are his Lightning McQueen Crocs

Biscuit has on a top and legging set in navy and white from George at Asda. It looks dead cute, but thanks to the reasonable price tag I am happy her running round the park in it! When it was a bit nippy in the morning so we paired it with a blue cardigan from Petit Bateau. She is also wearing her Crocs, with Anna and Elsa on them from Frozen. 

All that’s left for me to do is offer my congratulations to Mother Geek and Clearly Bex for a successful year-long linky! Check out their pages for more Trendy Tot Thursday and lots more besides. 

Pop by whenever you’d like and say hi!! See you next week. X


Comments on: "Trendy Tot Thursday (17/07/2015)" (3)

  1. how cute is this! just saw your blog and i love it. gonna follow 🙂

    I’m doing a giveaway on my blog! Please check it out and enter 🙂



  2. Aww! They both look fab as always!! Do they manage to walk ok in crocs? I’ve always been put off buying them for Syd as my feet slid about so much in them when I tried some on. #TT_thursday

    • Thank you. They have always been good in crocs, we go in and spend a long time in the shop trying them on as they have a few different styles which fit differently. I hate that crocs are so fugly as I love mine and would wear them all the time! Think you should try them again!!! X

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