It's my life, but not as I knew it!

Hi there! Sorry for missing you last week. Life does sometimes get on top of you doesn’t it? But we are back with avengence this week, hope you’re ready!!! 

Has everyone had a good week? We have been busy (do the words ‘potty training’ strike fear into the hearts of any other parents of toddlers???), hence the Sunday posting, again

My gorgeous Cracker is wearing a t-shirt from Rocket and Rose which we bought from Zulily. You may remember it from their birthday Trendy Tot last July; as you can see, it still fits! Not only that, but it has survived multiple wears and washes. The colour is still as vibrant as ever, and the transfer decoration is still pristine. What more could a Mama ask for? His shorts are actually swim shorts from Primark, but they’re really comfortable for him and very hard wearing. He is also wearing his Lightning McQueen Crocs, these are some of the most loved shoes in the world. Plus, being Crocs it means that they can be wiped down when they get muddy/messy- very handy! 

Beautiful Biscuit is wearing her Doc McStuffins baseball cap from George at Asda, a pretty white dress her Grammy bought her from a brand I have never heard of called ABQ (goodness knows where she got it from, my Mum is a genius at spotting gorgeous things), a pair of well-worn, but still vibrant pink leggings from Boots and her Frozen Crocs (again, I love Crocs for toddlers, they are like the perfect summer shoes). I was initially a little nervous of her running around and playing in a white dress, but have learnt that if you feel like that then they have items which never get worn. And that is more of a waste than if one gets mucky in the park. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed another week getting a sneaky peak at the twins’ wardrobes. We’ve enjoyed showing you! For more #TT_Thursday, please visit Clearly Bex and Mother Geek– they are our wonderful hosts of this fun linky. 

Please feel free to drop by at any time and say ‘hi’, we like company! 


Comments on: "Trendy Tot Thursday (25/06/1015)" (3)

  1. Wow! I do remember the Tee from last year! It’s lasted well! I’m surprised you can still remember where you bought it though – I can barely remember the day of the week!! EEK @ Potty training! No such luck with that here! #TT_Thursday

    • Lol! I think because it was bought as their 2nd birthday outfits they were special so I can remember ordering them ages in advance and keeping them for the big day. It has lasted so well- shows the quality.
      Potty training has to be one of the most stressful times for a parent as there’s no right or wrong is there? Everything else has happened so naturally but this takes work! X

  2. Lovely outfits, Grammy did a grand job with Biscuits dress, beautiful! I think Leah has the same top as Cracker, except its in pink! I must share it with you soon to find out. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

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