It's my life, but not as I knew it!

Good morning lovely people. I hope you’ve had a good week and got to enjoy the nice weather. I have been on holiday this week and I feel very relaxed now!

I’m showcasing Biscuit and Cracker’s outdoor coats this week. We spent the first part of the week at my Mum and Dad’s house and they got to go out and get muddy in the park. Cracker has always liked getting dirty when out and about but Biscuit has only just started to accept getting a little mucky, but she still doesn’t like it on her hands!


Biscuit is posing like a pro in her coat from Marks and Spencers. It is long, lined in nice warm fabric, and is shower-proof. It is a lovely flowery design, but not too girly, if you know what I mean! Her gloves are part of a set from George at Asda, which their Nonna sewed a length of ribbon on it so that she doesn’t lose them (why they don’t do this anyway is beyond me, it is so much handier than gloves which get lost every 5 minutes). Her tights are from Mamas and Papas, they came with a pair of funky shorts (she is wearing them, you just can’t see them), her red fleece (just visible) is from Mothercare and her pink, sparkly wellies are from Primark.


Cracker is demonstrating his tree-climbing skills in his coat, also from Marks and Spencers. It has a space pattern on it, is lined in a nice warm fabric and is waterproof. Nonna also sewed a ribbon on Cracker’s George at Asda gloves (seriously glove-making-companies, I even had people asking me where I got their gloves from as they all wanted them with ribbons on them). His just-visible fleece is also from Mothercare, his trousers are from M and Co and his wellies are dinosaur print ones from Start Rite.

I hope you enjoy reading our Trendy Tot Thursday as much as I enjoyed writing it! Check out The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex for more!

Hope to see you again next week for another Trendy Tot Thursday, and please feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ whenever you have time!


Comments on: "Trendy Tot Thursday (09/04/2015)" (2)

  1. I am loving the twins coats, I was only thinking earlier that Leah needs a lightweight coat as she only has her thick winter coats whilst Lewis has plenty of all sorts of coats. Thank you for sharing x

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE their coats! Biscuit is going to be posing like Syd soon! so cute! #TT_Thursday

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