It's my life, but not as I knew it!

How it is already the third month of 2015 is beyond me! When you’re younger you wish those months away, hoping for your birthday, or the holidays, or whatever it is you were waiting for. Now, even without wishing and inpatience, the year seems to be speeding along very quickly.

Once again I am taking some time to remember what we did in February and why it was a special month for my little family.

Biscuit became very poorly with pneumonia. Even for someone with my background of paediatric nursing it was a scary time (if you’re concerned, see the NHS page here). She was admitted to hospital from A&E for IV antibiotics and painkillers and was an absolute superstar! She never complained once, even having bloods taken and medicines given. I am so thankful that she recovered so quickly and so well and that both her and Cracker are healthy now.

Cracker had to go for another haircut, that boys hair grows faster than anyone else’s I’ve ever known! Even though he won’t let you come within 6 feet of him with a pair of nail clippers, he is actually very good with haircuts. I tried to do it a number of times at home but it is not easy to do. We’ve started to take him to the same hairdresser (the lovely Lynn) that Rob and I go to and he will just sit there and let her use scissors and clippers etc. He looks like such a grown-up boy afterwards!

Both Biscuit and Cracker came to pick me up from work one day. It is nice for them to see where Mama goes when she disappears to go to work and it was nice for me to see them in my, thankfully, child-friendly workspace.

We had Valentine’s Day. It may not be the outpouring of romance and excess that it once was for us, but it was a chance to spend time with those three people very special to me- Biscuit, Cracker and Rob. We went to a Zizzi restaurant and we spent the whole time amazed at how grown up our little twinkles have become; sitting nicely, eating and colouring.

Again, these things may not sound like a lot, but to me they are special things and ones I want to remember.

What happened to you in February that you’ll want to remember when you look back on this year?


Let me know what you think.

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