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Trendy Tot Thursday (26/02/2015)

Being very British-sort-of-weather at the moment (I know, a catchphrase for any time it’s a bit miserable and grey) it’s all about layers in the Biscuit and Cracker household. I find that this helps when it’s not particularly nice, but when they can still get hot when running around.


My beautiful little Ginger Biscuit is wearing a long-sleeved white t-shirt from M & Co (it has a pretty butterfly design on it, but you can’t see that here!) with a pretty dotty t-shirt from Cath Kidston. That is the other good thing about layering, they’ll get more wear out of certain types of clothing. Her lovely pink leggings are from Mini Club at Boots, they are nice and simple and go with a wide variety of tops and tunics. We teamed her outfit with her awesome purple unicorn (what else) slippers from Clarks when we were at home. I’ll be very sad when she’ll no longer fit into them as they’re pretty cool!


My handsome little man, Cracker, is wearing a long-sleeved stripey t-shirt from Mini Club at Boots with a funky Elmo t-shirt over the top. This, and the comfy, cosy grey trousers are from George at Asda. He is definitely one that benefits from being able to take off a layer of clothing after running, jumping and climbing everywhere as little boys are apt to do! Children really love Elmo, don’t they?!

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