It's my life, but not as I knew it!

Wow, we’re already in the second month of 2015. It’s crazy how quickly we speed through our lives with family and friends, home and work, and all the other things that make up being an adult.

2014 flashed by for me and so, this year, I wanted to take a moment each month to reflect on what has happened for us, as a family. Big things may not have occurred, but it is all about those little things as well.

After 12 hard months, I completed my degree. It was an uphill struggle at times but I used the biggest challenge, having twin toddlers, as my greatest motivation- I did it for Biscuit and Cracker and have come out with a 2:1!

I turned 31. I have always loved birthdays and have counted down to them and made a big deal, but now I am 31. That means I am officially IN my thirties… This is not good for my morale!

We went on holiday. We took Biscuit and Cracker to visit their Nonna and Zia, as well as many other extended members of family and friends. They were amazing, both on the flights and with the change of routine. Plus hearing their Italian improve so much during the week was fantastic.

Biscuit and Cracker’s language skills have taken a massive bound forward- they speak in sentences and put words together. They surprise me every day with their level of understanding if we ask them to do/get something. They are definitely no longer babies, but growing-up. A colleague of mine told me this week that this is the time we see all the hard work we put in through all those months come to fruition- all the reading we do with them, and the speaking and the singing. It all helps.

I have cleaned the kitchen. Why is this on the list? You may ask! Well with my degree course I haven’t had time to call my own all year. All evening and weekends were taken up with reading and reflections, or spending time with the twins so they didn’t forget who I was. Even annual leave meant that I had essays etc due and had to use that time to so research and write. This weekend has been the first weekend in 12 months that I haven’t HAD to do something. So I cleaned the kitchen, and actually felt good about doing it!!

So there it is, five simple things that remind me that January wasn’t simply 31 days to rush through, but it was a month that really counts, with things that really matter.

What things happened to you and yours in the first month of 2015? Please tell me and we’ll celebrate them together!



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