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Christmas is such a brilliant time to get crafty with the kids. This year we decided to make our own advent calendars using hand prints.


We got some card and let Biscuit and Cracker paint anything they wanted as a background (it’s their calendar after all!) and then let that dry. I was then going to put their handprints directly onto this using white paint, but I couldn’t get hold of any child-friendly white paint in my area so I decided to draw around their hands onto white paper and cut out their handprints. I then stuck these onto their painted backgrounds.


I cut Santa hat shapes out of red paper. Older children will, of course, be able to paint a nice red hat on their handprint Santa but the Twinnies are a bit too little for that amount of direction this year!! Using my incredible artistic skills I draw Santa’s eyes, mouth and nose onto the handprints. Again, older children will enjoy doing this bit themselves. I found this poem on Busy Little Bugs site and thought it was so adorable that I printed it on contrasting paper and stuck that on the paper too.


I finished the calendars by drawing 24 circles and numbering them. This is where the cotton wool balls will be stuck to make Santa’s beard. The twins stick a cotton ball on everyday to count down.

I love Christmas SO much, we have quite a few advent calendars around the house as I think the anticipation and counting down really add to the fun. That’s why I wanted Biscuit and Cracker to have one for them, made by them.

I hope you enjoyed our crafty Christmas idea. Why don’t you give it a go with your little ones?


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  1. That’s a brilliant idea!!!

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