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It’s the first of December, this means I can start blogging all our Christmas traditions, crafts and ideas… Doesn’t it?! Happy Advent everyone!
Children grow up so fast don’t they? I’m not talking about kids nowadays with their incredible grasp of technology or anything, I’m talking about their actual size. This time two years ago Biscuit and Cracker were four months old and pretty teeny tiny, I wanted to start a tradition to record this.
So I made salt dough and imprinted their hands and feet, and I have done it both Christmases since as well.
Salt dough is really simple to make.

I have just put ‘measure’ as what measure you use will depend on how much salt dough you. If you use a cup as your base measure you won’t get a lot of dough, but it may be enough for your little ones tiny hand. We use bigger measures as we do both Biscuit and Cracker’s hands and feet and a double print for their grandparents.

Knead the dough until it’s a lovely smooth texture, I do find I have to flour the surface and the rolling pin or it sticks- see what works for you. I put the dough into the dishes and then get them to make their prints as trying to put soft dough into a dish with the print on is tricky business! At this point, I put holes in the dough in order to be able to hang them up in the future if we want (you won’t be able to do this later). I put our oven the lowest it goes and then bake for 3-4 hours, don’t be tempted to crank it up or you’ll burn the outside of the dough. I also tend to leave them in the off oven overnight to cool slowly.

The previous two years I have been too impatient and tried to decorate before they were properly cool and hard, trust me when I say how much harder you’ll make your life. This year I was very patient and waited a week before decorating them. This was so much better!

I got normal poster paint, mixed it with PVA glue and a teeny bit of water so it’s not too thick and then painted. Again, I waited about a day between painting the different colours. The back of them is painted white and I have written their names and ‘Christmas 2014’ on the back in Sharpie.
As I said, we have done this every year, just look how they’ve grown…



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  1. What a fun idea. I’d love to try this.

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