It's my life, but not as I knew it!

We had been using Mam anti-colic bottles with Biscuit and Cracker from the time they were born, that’s what they took my expressed breast milk in. We chose these bottles as they were easy to clean, could be sterilised on their own (without the need for a steriliser, very handy for day trips to visit friends and family) and could grow with the twins (by changing the size of the bottle part and by changing the teat from slow, to medium, to fast flow and then to free flow spouts). I couldn’t fault them.
After 2 years near constant use however, the rubber valves were getting worn out and the free flowing spouts were looking a bit grotty too so we looked for a replacement. Biscuit and Cracker use sippy cups and sports bottles with absolutely no problem, for water, however Cracker refused to take milk from anything other than his Mam trainer bottle….. (boys, hey?!). This lead to a rather frantic search for another Mam product that Cracker would find acceptable (yes, I know, I am the adult yet I am pandering to a 2-year-old. Trust me, some battles AREN’T worth fighting with a toddler) and I found Mam Trainer Bottle, so we figured we’d give them a go.


The new 2014/15 designs are really bright and colourful and, as ever with Mam products, they are really sturdy and well made. I don’t like their new handles though, they are small and flat and the twins find it difficult to hold them.
Luckily we still have their old Mam handles, which (as you can see from the photos) are a much better shape for little hands, and they fit on to these new bottles.

Obviously nothing is simple with toddlers and Cracker refused to drink from the new Mam spouts (which are closed with two slits in for when they drink) and so we have had to get the least used, and cleanest, old Mam teats (which have a huge hole in them for free-flow drinking) for his bottle. Every time we gave him the new teats he complained that they “hurt” his mouth so then he refused to go anywhere near them, thank goodness his old ones fit!

Biscuit, however, took to her new bottle with the new teats straight away!
In conclusion, the bottles are pretty and well made, but I prefer the old-style handles and free-flow teats. I know they won’t use these for much longer, but I want them to be happy drinking their milk now!

*I did not receive these products for free, nor was I paid to write this post. I am just a Mama of toddler twinkles and we use a lot of stuff- I just wanted to share our experiences with you! I hope it helps.

Thank you for reading.


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