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This week our weather has been a bit grotty and unpredictable, to say the least, so the twins have spent a bit more time than usual staying in and playing in the flat. This, obviously, called for some lovely cosy, comfortable clothes.


Biscuit and Cracker are in matching leggings and tops from Blade and Rose. If you’ve never heard of Blade and Rose then I recommend you go and check them out! They sell extremely cute children’s leggings with designs on the bottom (for even more cuteness factor), including Christmas pudding ones (that the twins had last year to meet Father Christmas), birthday numbers and funky designs like Biscuit’s bunny rabbit and Cracker’s dinosaur.


They are really stretchy and don’t restrict movement at all. Biscuit and Cracker are able to run, jump, climb, squat and roll around (as toddlers do) without restriction. And just look at the lovely, vibrant colours too. These outfits always get comments when we go out.


This is the first time we’ve had the co-ordinating tops to go with the leggings and they are lovely. However the are not generous on size- the both the leggings and the tops Biscuit and Cracker are wearing in the photos are age 3-4. The twins are 2 and Biscuit is really petite. I was expecting them to be a little roomier (that’s why I got the bigger size). The tops do fit the twins and are really good quality, but I am not sure how long they’ll last them. The leggings will stretch quite a lot so will last them a little longer I think.

As the weather is getting cooler, we use the Blade and Rose leggings as an added layer to an outfit, either over a pair of tights or under a pair of trousers. They are also a really handy spare outfit to pop in your nappy bag when out and about (a really important factor for a mama of twins who has to try to fit double the amount of spare clothes into an already full nappy bag!!).

I hope you enjoy reading our Trendy Tot Thursday as much as I enjoyed writing it! Check out The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex for more!

Hope to see you again next week for another Trendy Tot Thursday, and please feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ whenever you have time!


Comments on: "Trendy Tot Thursday (13/11/2014)" (3)

  1. Aww! Amazing outfits – cute AND practical!
    Those leggings bring back some seriously cute memories! My two had the navy reindeer ones for xmas 2011 & 2012. I think I paid £3 a pair on eBay for them (imported from China)! I need some more for layering but am not sure they’ll fit my giants now)! Syds in age 3-4 and sams in age 6-7. Sigh! #tt_thursday

    • Ha ha, how funny! Good old eBay!
      I sometimes wish they would stop growing as so many clothes don’t go up to bigger sizes.
      Layering is so useful, particularly in this unpredictable weather. All leggings and tights help don’t they? And I find vests really good for Biscuit and Cracker to have that extra, non-bulky layer too.
      Thanks! #TT_Thursday

  2. Very cute leggings! Certainly practical for the lazy days. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

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