It's my life, but not as I knew it!

Once again I have put my thinking cap on to see what fun activities we could do with Biscuit and Cracker with the limited space that we have in our flat. I don’t know about anyone else who lives in a flat but the idea of painting fills me with a certain level of dread.

What we lack in space, we make up for in glass- we have big windows in the living room and glass around our balcony. Not generally toddler-friendly, but when you look at it as a big, blank canvas it is perfect for them.

I got some toddler-friendly paint and mixed it in pots with a squirt of fairy liquid (trust me) and a little bit of water. I put the pots on a tray on the balcony with paint brushes, rollers and sponges, dressed the twins in their all-in-one puddle suits and welly boots and let them loose!!


Looking at these pictures I’m sure I don’t actually need to tell you just how much they loved it. Cracker, by nature, loves getting stuck in and messy and he was soon mixing the colours, slopping it on and trying to cover every surface. Biscuit is a lot neater, and doesn’t generally like mess on her hands, but she soon got into it. Although she was a lot more methodical with her painting than her ‘big’ brother was!


Once the paints had nearly finished I brought out a little pot of water. The twins discovered that the sponges made lots of bubbles when squeezed in the water (reason 1 for the fairy liquid) and started ‘painting’ with the bubbles and putting bubble handprints everywhere!

When they had finished, we stripped off their puddle suits and wellies, washed their hands and faces in a washing-up bowl of soapy water and dried them. I used a clean dish cloth to wipe down the glass (the paint comes off really easily- reason 2 for fairy liquid) and a towel to dry them, the next rain we get will rinse off the floor. I took the painting equipment and their clothes to the shower and rinsed them all down. The sponges have come up looking brand new, the photos are after we had used them and cleaned them (reason 3 for fairy liquid- I told you to trust me!!) and everything else is sparkling clean.


Biscuit and Cracker loved this painting and it is so easy and hassle-free that we’ll definitely be doing it again. I am also thinking about mixing some paint with baby shampoo and letting them paint in the bath, at least I won’t have any clothes to rinse off then 😉


Let me know if you try this with your little ones, and please share any photos of their “high art” (as my dad has named this activity)!

Thanks for reading!


Comments on: "Raising Twin Toddlers In a 12th Floor Flat- part 2" (4)

  1. penny lazell said:

    love it!

  2. How adorable!!

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