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Trendy Tot Thursday (30/10/2014)

The twins spent another unseasonably warm autumn day in the park running around and burning off some of their never-ending energy!

I have voiced my love of those amazing tights from Slugs and Snails time and time again on this blog and this week both Biscuit and Cracker are wearing a pair. I have also got my long awaited ‘Mama Slugs’ and wore them on a chilly day at work- got plenty of lovely comments from other Mamas (but luckily for you, this post is about my beautiful twinkles, so no photos of my legs will appear here)!!


You will be able to see from their pictures how comfy and stretchy the tights are, they ran around, jumped and climbed with no problems at all. The patterns appeal to parents and children alike and the anti-slip sole means that they are safe running around at home too.


Cracker is wearing green owl Slugs with red shorts and a green striped t-shirt from Mini Club at Boots. That’s the other great thing about tights- they prolong summer outfits like shorts! His boots from Clarks make yet another appearance as they are great for him to run around in, especially in this unpredictable weather.


Biscuit is wearing her multi-coloured ghosty Slugs with a pretty multi-coloured tea-dress from Mini Club at which is a good length on her at the moment. Her Clarks boots make another appearance too!

I love how colourful little ones clothes can be, and that mixing and matching colours and patterns looks really cool on them, without compromising on comfort and substance.

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Trendy Tot Thursday (23/10/2014)

Hello and welcome to another Trendy Tot Thursday from Biscuit and Cracker! I hope you enjoy the clothes that I have picked to share with you this week.


Cracker is looking like a proper little man this week (where has my baby gone?). He is wearing a super-cool, super-hero sleeveless jumper (complete with cape) from Deno Kids Clothes For Fun, a brand I discovered through Zulily, and how amazing does it look? It is quite a thick jumper so he had on a thin-ish long-sleeved t-shirt from Cath Kidston underneath to keep his arms warm. His jeans are from Minoti, we bought them at T K Maxx, and they are just stylish and comfy with an elasticated waistband. He is wearing his ever-present Clarks boots (well, we bought them to be worn and that’s exactly what he’s doing). What a handsome chappy, if I do say so myself!!


Biscuit is wearing a long-sleeved dress from M & Co. It is a lovely colour on her, and I love the look of the long-sleeves in a contrasting colour, as though she was wearing the dress on top of a t-shirt. We teamed this, of course, with some Slugs and Snails tights (what else would I put on her) and her Clarks boots. She’s such a little cutie!


They were both, originally, wearing their coats too, but it was a hot day at the weekend. Plus, if you have ever tried to get a toddler to do what you’ve wanted, you understand!!!

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Raising Twin Toddlers In a 12th Floor Flat- part 2

Once again I have put my thinking cap on to see what fun activities we could do with Biscuit and Cracker with the limited space that we have in our flat. I don’t know about anyone else who lives in a flat but the idea of painting fills me with a certain level of dread.

What we lack in space, we make up for in glass- we have big windows in the living room and glass around our balcony. Not generally toddler-friendly, but when you look at it as a big, blank canvas it is perfect for them.

I got some toddler-friendly paint and mixed it in pots with a squirt of fairy liquid (trust me) and a little bit of water. I put the pots on a tray on the balcony with paint brushes, rollers and sponges, dressed the twins in their all-in-one puddle suits and welly boots and let them loose!!


Looking at these pictures I’m sure I don’t actually need to tell you just how much they loved it. Cracker, by nature, loves getting stuck in and messy and he was soon mixing the colours, slopping it on and trying to cover every surface. Biscuit is a lot neater, and doesn’t generally like mess on her hands, but she soon got into it. Although she was a lot more methodical with her painting than her ‘big’ brother was!


Once the paints had nearly finished I brought out a little pot of water. The twins discovered that the sponges made lots of bubbles when squeezed in the water (reason 1 for the fairy liquid) and started ‘painting’ with the bubbles and putting bubble handprints everywhere!

When they had finished, we stripped off their puddle suits and wellies, washed their hands and faces in a washing-up bowl of soapy water and dried them. I used a clean dish cloth to wipe down the glass (the paint comes off really easily- reason 2 for fairy liquid) and a towel to dry them, the next rain we get will rinse off the floor. I took the painting equipment and their clothes to the shower and rinsed them all down. The sponges have come up looking brand new, the photos are after we had used them and cleaned them (reason 3 for fairy liquid- I told you to trust me!!) and everything else is sparkling clean.


Biscuit and Cracker loved this painting and it is so easy and hassle-free that we’ll definitely be doing it again. I am also thinking about mixing some paint with baby shampoo and letting them paint in the bath, at least I won’t have any clothes to rinse off then 😉


Let me know if you try this with your little ones, and please share any photos of their “high art” (as my dad has named this activity)!

Thanks for reading!

Trendy Tot Thursday (16/10/2014)

Welcome to another week looking at my favourite outfits worn by Biscuit and Cracker.

Biscuit is wearing a pair of awesome cord dungarees from Kite Clothing in this fabulous blue and white pattern. They were a present for her 2nd birthday from my Mum and Dad, and she is still growing into them, but they still look cool! As there was a nip in the air, I teamed it with a long-sleeved vest. You can see her new Clarks slippers too, they are a funky purple unicorn design and are lovely and fleecy inside. Both of the twins are obsessed with shoes and they always wanted to wear them in the house. As they climb on and off the sofa we didn’t like to have them in outdoor clothes, hence why we got them both slippers on our latest trip to Clarks.

Cracker is wearing a jumper and trouser set from Vertbaudet. I love their clothes and think they are really stylish. He is also wearing his Clarks slippers, in a brilliant green dinosaur pattern (even though you can’t see them in the photos). He actually picked these out online before we visited the store and I am so grateful they had them in his size!


Their outfits also went equally as well with their boots, teamed with a Baby Gap hoody when we went out for the day.

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Toddler Health; Eczema

Being a mama of two-year-old twins and doing the course I am doing, there are many times that there are crossovers between my personal and professional lives. I learn something from a parent I have met, or a colleague I have worked with or some training I have done and know that I can take that information and it will have a positive impact on my home life. I can also experience something with Biscuit and/or Cracker and it makes me a better public health nurse.

I have been working my behind off at academic work for the past few weeks and one of the essays (yes I did say one of the essays, please feel for me!) was regarding a prescription for topical treatment for eczema. Biscuit and Cracker have always had super sensitive skin and both of them have since been diagnosed with eczema and prescribed triple emollient therapy.

Triple emollient therapy is when a child (I can only speak from experience with children) gets three products- a cream/gel, bath stuff and a soap-substitute (sometimes one product can be used for both the bath and for washing with, it depends on what is prescribed). There are lots of products available on the market, both over-the-counter from your pharmacist or on prescription. It can depend on what the prescriber is used to, what their trust recommends and what the patient (or parent/carer) knows and likes. If you are thinking that your little one needs eczema treatment- remember that the greasier the cream, the better it is. It just may feel a bit slippery on their skin. It took us a couple of different products before we found ones that worked well for us.

I am not writing this post to tell you whether your child needs creams prescribing, or what treatment your prescriber will recommend. If you have any worries or concerns, please see your GP/Health VIsitor/Pharmacist and talk through with them and allow them to assess your child’s skin.

I wanted to write this post to give you tips that I have found out through research, and that we have found useful to know.

1) If you use the bath additive, be aware of how slippery your child will be. Please take extra care. Little ones may slip out of your hand and bigger ones may slip over in the bath or on the bathroom floor.

2) This is one of my Top Tips! We found that, when using a bath additive, our bath was always incredibly greasy and was constantly getting blocked. I have since found out that squirting washing-up liquid round the bath and rinsing it off makes the bath squeaky clean, as well cutting through any grease in the pipes and saving us having to use the plunger to drain the water away!!

3) When drying a child, try and pat them dry rather than rubbing. This is gentler on their skin and won’t rub off any of that moisturising layer from the bath additive.

4) When applying cream to them, smooth it on, rather than rubbing it in, and go in the direction of their hair growth. If you put cream on your arms against the hair growth you can feel that it is not comfortable!

5) As soon as Biscuit and Cracker have had their cream applied at night we put them straight in their cotton pyjamas. We found that you can really smother them in it and the pjs keep it on their skin. PLUS it doesn’t go everywhere.

6) Try to use cotton clothes as much as possible.

7) Use non-biological washing powder and sensitive fabric conditioner. I am waiting for something to happen to my washing machine as we can’t use a well-known product that reduces limescale and helps it to “live longer”.

8) Apply the cream often, we put in on Cracker (whose skin is worse) in the morning, at lunchtime and before bed, plus whenever we see him scratching.

I hope that at least one of my tips may be useful to you if your child has eczema. Let me know if you have any others and I will update my list!

The views and tips listed here are all my own.

Trendy Tot Thursday (09/10/2014)

Last weekend I took the twinkles to my parents house and whilst there, they got to wear some lovely new clothes that they got given for their birthday.


Both Biscuit and Cracker’s clothes are from M & Co. We don’t have one near us so we don’t often get to see what they have in, but the clothes we do have from there are lovely.


Cracker’s outfit consists of a polo shirt and some tracksuit bottoms. They are comfortable for him, allow him to run round and burn off some energy, but they’re nice enough that he looks smart in them. The trousers are quite long (they are size 2-3 years, like all his trousers now), but they fold up easily, and I hope it means that they’ll last him well. Cracker wore his Clarks‘ boots with the outfit as this weather is so unpredictable it’s good that he is wearing weather-proof shoes.


Biscuit has on a beautiful, long-sleeved dress. It is a lovely colour on her and is nice and snuggly-warm. It came with a pair of leggings but they’re a bit big on her waist, so I teamed them with a pair of our favourite Slugs and Snails tights. You can’t see them in the pictures, but Biscuit was also wearing her Clarks‘ boots when we went out.

I love finding them different clothes from shops we don’t tend to go in a lot, especially ones that are so lovely, comfy and beautiful. Can anyone recommend anymore shops for us to try?

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Trendy Tot Thursday (02/10/2014)

Hello! I hope you’re all well. Welcome to another #TT_Thursday from Biscuit and Cracker.

This week it’s all about the denim in our household.


Biscuit is wearing a lovely denim pinafore dress from Marks and Spencer, it was advertised as a summer dress but I think you could layer this with something long or short sleeved to make it last. I’m hoping to get lots of use out of this pretty dress throughout the colder season. Her polka-dot t-shirt is from Cath Kidston. Her tights are plain pink ones from who knows where!! We took advantage of the TAMBA 20% off weekend at Clarks to get them their new boots- I think Biscuit’s sparkly cowboy boots are super cute!

A couple of weeks ago, Cracker was sporting this white t-shirt with different bottoms. Now I can show you the t-shirt and the dungarees that came from Verbaudet as a set. I love little ones in dungarees and I think they are so comfy for running, jumping and climbing. These ones are super soft and gorgeous. As with Biscuit, the discount helped us buy him these proper boy boots from Clarks. Cracker has got such wide feet it is really tricky to find him boots that fit, but Clarks did it again!

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