It's my life, but not as I knew it!

Every once in a while, and often by complete accident, you stumble across a blog post that seems to speak to you. Whilst procrastinating by reading my twitter timeline I discovered such a post, here. So why do I care if Rita Templeton wants her sons to see her naked?
Because I agree with her, wholeheartedly. I am determined that Biscuit and Cracker should be confident and happy with the bodies that they have.
I’m hoping that by them seeing both Rob and my bodies au natural will allow them to see what ‘normal’ (ie not airbrushed or surgically altered) bodies look like and this will mean that they go out into the world with a true perception of what we all look like. This is why I don’t run and change in the bathroom, but I let them see me getting dressed in the bedroom- even if that means they see my post-babies wobbly bits and stretch marks. They are also young enough to let us jump in the bath with them (as happened yesterday when Bizzy was looking at my boobs before proudly telling me that they were “heavy”- she’s not wrong there!!!).
I am also interested to see how having an opposite sex twin will affect their perception- Cracker will be used to being around a girl who will not be sucking everything in and wearing make-up to impress him and Biscuit will know what boys are like when they haven’t just had a shower and done their hair. I think it will take the mystery out of it a little bit, and hopefully improve their own confidence too.
Like Rita, I am not deluded- I know that both Biscuit and Cracker will look at perfect bodies in magazines etc when they’re older, and will probably have fantasies about them. I just want them to understand that people like that are not the “norm” and that people who don’t match up to these standards are beautiful and sexy too.
I was once told that part of a parents job is to fill their child up with so much confidence and self-belief that it doesn’t matter how many holes society pokes in them, it will never run out. I obviously don’t mean creating deluded children who think they’re something that they’re not! I am hoping that both Biscuit and Cracker will love what they are, what they look like and what they can do and this will allow them to aspire and hope and strive for greatness!


Let me know what you think.

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