It's my life, but not as I knew it!

When we packed for our recent family we were limited to what we could carry (along with the twins) onto the train so we ended up limiting ourselves to two suitcases and two backpacks for the four of us for a week. Those of you who know me personally will understand what an extraordinary feat this was- I usually take a suitcase for a weekend at my mum and dad’s with Biscuit and Cracker!!

In the pile of things I had to leave behind was the twins’ bath toys. They do love their baths and we have a whole collection of toys in mesh bags and baskets around the bathroom- they choose what they want and love playing in the water. I figured for a week we could do without, surely they’d be so tired from the fresh, country air that they would just have a quick bath and sleep like angels all night….
Ha, how wrong I was. The first night there they ran into the bathroom and I saw disappointment in their faces as they looked into the bath and they were met with water.

The next day, just by chance, we popped into a bookshop in Bude and I saw these…

IMG_1621.PNG Alex Bath Toys ‘Rub a Dub Beep Beep Roadway’ (available from Amazon here) and I couldn’t resist. And thank goodness for my impulsive purchase as Biscuit and Cracker LOVED them. Cracker wouldn’t let go of the bag for the whole car ride back to the farmhouse and opened them as soon as we got in!


That night they couldn’t wait to get in and play with them. We had some difficulties as the pieces wouldn’t stick to the tiled wall as the tiles were textured. However the twins soon realised that they stuck to the side of the bath and Biscuit liked floating the road on top of the water and driving things along it!

There are enough pieces for two children to be happy in the bath with not
too many squabbles!


Three weeks on and they still love them. They ask to play with the road and Cracker especially loves looking through all the different vehicles. The only down side is that the twins have emollient bath oil in their bath water (hence the rather grotty colour in the first photo) for their sensitive, dry skin and this can have an affect on the paint that’s on bath toys. It scrapes off quite easily after a few sessions in their bath (you can see it on the road pieces a little) but that happens to every toy they use in there so it’s just a minor point.

I love them so much, and can see the potential for more role play and pretend play as they get older that there are already another couple of Alex Bath Toy packs on their Christmas wish list (the Beach and the Farm sets if Father Christmas is reading this, please!!!).

I have not been paid to write this review, nor did I receive the toys free in return for a review. I purchased them because I thought they were brilliant and all the words and views are my own and I stand by them!


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