It's my life, but not as I knew it!

Despite our very best intentions, the twins are real dummy-lovers! Having twins means that you do look at ways to comfort two babies at once and dummies were real life savers in the early months.

When they were around 18-months-old we’d done really well at getting them to have their dummies just at nap time and bedtime. Then they both got poorly with tonsillitis and Biscuit had all her breathing problems, so we relapsed and let them have them all the time.

Fast forward six months and my now-two-year-olds love them still. Biscuit seems to be self weaning herself off them. She will often not want it during the day and mostly goes to sleep without one (as long as she knows where it is, you can’t trust these sneaky Mamas with dummies you know!). But Cracker is a different kettle of fish. He is obsessed with his dummy and wants it all the time, in bed, in the bath, when out and about, when playing at home, you get the gist! He doesn’t have one when he’s at the childminders, I was afraid of him losing it so never sent him with one, and he’s mostly okay. When he’s really interested in playing at home, he’ll forget about it then too.
We are now seriously trying to get him to leave it just for sleep times (whether that be nap or bedtime), but I feel SO mean! At his age he knows what he wants and how to ask for it (at ever increasing decibel levels) and has been getting so upset at times. We have reinforced that dummies are just for bedtimes, so yesterday he spent the afternoon asking if he could go to bed! So far this morning is going a little better, with only a few requests for it.
My mum and dad hate “not being able to see their faces” when I send them pictures of Biscuit and Cracker with their dummies in! And dummies can cause issues with speech (as some children don’t want to open their mouth to talk for fear of losing their dummies) and teeth-alignment. Biscuit and Cracker were always happy taking their dummies out to talk and we made sure that they had ‘teeth-friendly’, orthodontic dummies. But still, if we can then I would prefer they didn’t have them.
I have given advice to many parents about getting their children to ‘leave it for the fairies’ or (at Christmas) ‘leave it for Rudolph’s new babies as they don’t have Boots at the North Pole’ over the years, but Cracker doesn’t seem interested in them. Maybe he’s too young? Or maybe he’s simply too attached to his beloved dummy to care?!!!!
Do any of you lovely people have any other hints or tips, or even words of support that it does get easier and we should just stick with it?


Let me know what you think.

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