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Yay! Another Thursday is here, meaning that I get to (through the ever-lovely Clearly Bex and The Mother Geek) show off what Biscuit and Cracker have been wearing this week.

There has been quite a lot of grotty weather around this week, so I am glad we made the most of the lovely sunny Saturday we had with a family trip to the park.

Cracker wore this gorgeous top from JoJo Maman Bebe that my auntie and uncle gave him for his birthday. I love the vivid red colour, how soft the material is and the lighthouse picture on the front (Rob proposed to me by a lighthouse in his native Isola Del Giglio so we’re quite sentimental about them)! I paired them with his comfortable Boots Mini Club shorts and his fabulous Scruffy Dog Shoes. And, of course, his ever-present Bibetta dribble bib- when will the teething end?!


Little Biscuit is wearing a dress that was handed down to hear by one of my friends, it doesn’t have a label in it so I (unfortunately) can’t find out where it’s from. I love the yellow on her, it is lovely material and it suits her. I teamed it with a plain short-sleeved vest as there was a nip in the air (and, as I’ve said before, it saves her removing her nappy). She’s also wearing her fabulous Scruffy Dog shoes which I love and her own Bibetta dribble bib.

They also both have their Boots reins on (with the long bits I clipped to leave them unemcumbered). I know people have mixed thoughts on putting reins on their children but let me tell you how quickly having two two-year-olds in Central London will change your mind about that! Both Biscuit and Cracker are going through that lovely toddler period of wanting independence but not having the thought process to keep them safe, so having their reins on means they don’t have to hold our hands when we’re walking down the street as we’ll always have hold of them! It is our decision as parents that we chose this way of ensuring our twins safety and so, please be kind!


I hope you enjoy reading our Trendy Tot Thursday as much as I enjoy writing it!
Hope to see you again next week for another Trendy Tot Thursday, and please feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ whenever you have time!


Comments on: "Trendy Tot Thursday (13/08/2014)" (12)

  1. aww, they both look so cute!x

  2. Cute outfits. I’m with you on the reins! I use a rucksack which my toddler is happy to put on whereas she will fight over any other. Not quite sure why that is but it certainly makes my life easier!

    • We have the rucksack ones too, but I find they don’t fit quite as well, so they can slip out of them. The old-school style, luckily, don’t seem to bother them so we use them around London.
      They are a brilliant invention. X

  3. teentweentoddler1 said:

    Two very lovely outfits, I especially love their scruffy dog shoes x

  4. Lovely outfits of the week hun, Crackers dress is very familiar, i’m sure i’ve been in. I am LOVING their sandals, they are such a wonderful design. As for their reigns I completely understand your reasoning for using them, with for Lewis & Leah growing up they had a backpack with a rope on it. Safety comes first, at least with their reigns you know they are 100% at all times! #TT_Thursday

    • You mean Biscuit’s dress?!?! I love their sandals too, think they’re so funky.
      Exactly, reigns mean that they are safe and happy. But I have heard such negative comments about parents that use them….. I personally think they’re ace!

  5. Love the scruffy dog sandals, they look great! I have seen Biscuit’s dress before but I can’t remember where it is from but the yellow looks really good on her!

  6. Gorgeous outfits as always! Syd wears a backpack with a handle on it, for exactly the same reasons. LOVE their shoes this week – sooo cute! Thanks for linking up with #TT_Thursday x

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