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This week has been so busy with work and I have had barely two minutes to myself. But I have had time to do Trendy Tot Thursday, couldn’t let a week go by without sharing Biscuit and Cracker’s clothes with you via The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex (btw, if you don’t already follow @TheMotherGeek and @ClearlyBex on Twitter then I thoroughly recommend you do)!
Three days a week the twinks go to a childminder. When they’re there they have so much fun going to parks and museums, and generally burning off all their energy. Of course this makes for mucky clothes, and I struggled at first with them potentially ruining their beautiful clothes. That is why I get so much of their stuff from cheaper shops (like Primark and Boots). Plus, they’re growing like proverbial weeds.
Now I have pre-warned you for Biscuit’s ensemble…. The majority of which is from Primark!

This is actually a skirt and a top, although put together like this it looks a bit like a dress. You get two tops in a pack, this one and a white one with a picture on the front. The skirt is dead simple with a nice, wide and comfortable waistband. Underneath she is just wearing a white vest, I always try to put a vest or a nappy cover on her when she’s in a skirt or a dress as she loves undoing her nappy! The socks are from Gap (we love their socks are they’re comfy, funky and have a great non-slip sole) and she’s picked her pink Primark trainers to go with the outfit. Biscuit is nothing if not colour co-ordinated! The dribble bib is from Bibetta, which we found at Mam. They are both dribbling furiously at the moment and these are double thickness and made from the same sort of fabric as their normal bibs. It means that they can dribble away to their hearts content without it soaking through onto their clothes and giving them a sore neck.

Cracker’s outfit also contains some Primark, but not all!

20140806-211519-76519019.jpg Rob is 100% Italian and very proud of his heritage. In the run up to the World Cup 2014 he bought Cracker an Italian polo shirt from Sports Direct and I, for one, think he looks incredibly handsome in it! It’s a little thicker than his normal t-shirts so we had to wait for a day that wasn’t as hot as it has been. His shorts are the input from Primark and are actually swimming trunks. I think they look good as normal shorts with the added benefit of being incredibly fast drying if he spills his drink on himself! He is, once again, wearing his Clarks Doodles sandals. I always let them choose which of their pairs of shoes they would like to wear that day so he must like them as they are what he always picks! He also has a colour co-ordinated Bibetta dribble bib on.


Hope to see you again next week for another Trendy Tot Thursday, and please feel free to stop by and say ‘hi’ whenever you have time!


Comments on: "Trendy Tot Thursday (07/08/2014)" (12)

  1. They always look so cute! Cracker looks very handsome in that top too I agree. I love primark clothes they have some beautiful stuff for bargain prices, perfect for fast growing children (my mum has just informed me I need a whole new wardrobe of stuff for Olivia again!)

    • Thank you. You’re very kind! I have to say, I’ve always found Primark stuff hard wearing too. We’ve bought stuff from expensive shops that haven’t lasted a single wash!
      That seems like the perfect excuse for some super cute shopping! Good luck 😉 cx

  2. Great shorts for Cracker. Wish we had a Primark closer as it’s so handy for basics.

  3. teentweentoddler1 said:

    Two lovely outfits! The swimming trunks look great as shorts x

    • Thank you. I think he gets away with it. Plus they’re slightly cooler material than his normal shorts so he’s more comfortable in this weather.

  4. I truly think your babies are absolutely ADORABLE and are looking exceptional chilled out this week. Like yourself I do go through phases of buying from Primark, especially when Leah grew so quickly. There is some great stuff in Primark to be had too! Thank you for linking up and sorry for the delay in commenting, its been a hectic week #TT_Thursday

    • Thank you. I think they’re pretty cute too, but I may be biased!!! They are pretty chilled babas anyway! That’s alright, I know just how you feel! Hope you get some chance to relax this weekend? Cx

  5. Haha – I wonder how many kids were in ‘non-england’ football kits this summer with even the most tenuous link! Papa Owl is 50% dutch so Little Owl has a dutch football shirt!

    • From the very start of the World Cup we had an England kit for Biscuit and an Italy shirt for Cracker (just the way the sizes went in the shop). Another duel country family, hi! What languages do you all speak?

  6. They both look so cute!! I tend to buy cheap clothes for my 2 now as I got fed up of throwing away so many stained items. Primark is my port of call for Jeans for 3 year old Sam – Bargain central! Love Cracker’s Italy top too – they are both gorgeous! Thanks for linking up with #TT_Thursday xx

    • Thanks for hosting again, I really enjoy this Linky! I like having a mix of really nice clothes, and cheap stuff for them to be toddlers in. At least I relax a bit more when they’re in cheap clothes as I don’t mind what happens to them! X

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