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As many of you are aware, last week Biscuit and Cracker turned two. They were very lucky little twinks and received lots of amazing presents from those that love them. We struggled trying to find them things that were suitable for their age group, but that would hold their attention and interest, so I wanted to write this post in the hopes that others may find it useful. Disclaimer: some of the toys featured are “suitable from 36 months” but Rob and I took a risk assessment that we would be supervising them whilst playing and would rather teach them to play sensibly. You know your own children better than anyone else and will need to see how you feel about getting toys older than they are.
Firstly we got them a Little Tikes picnic table

20140803-212150-76910699.jpg for them to use inside ‘baby jail’ for eating, drawing, playing etc. They enjoy having a table their own size and regularly sit down at it to watch films (for ‘films’ read Frozen!).
I have previously spoken of my love for Early Learning Centre’s HappyLand toys. We have bought many of the sets for Biscuit and Cracker over the past six months and this birthday has been no different

20140803-213015-77415595.jpg We bought them the Royal Birthday set, the beach set, the football set and the amazing pirate ship. You should have seen their faces in the morning when they first saw the ship (in fact, you should have seen Rob’s face when he opened it- what a big kid)! From all the sets, we have so many HappyLand people

20140803-213540-77740004.jpg and these are great for imagination play. Even when they’re not playing with HappyLand, per se, they’ll get some people out and involve them in other things they’re doing!
Lots of the children I know have a play kitchen, it’s a fabulous addition to role play. Biscuit and Cracker also have a lovely wooden kitchen and so some of their presents were designed to be used in conjunction with it. Rob and I found some play food and an old fashioned picnic basket

20140803-214039-78039267.jpg and my lovely friend, C, gave them lots of play utensils, crockery and cutlery

20140803-214128-78088290.jpg, this stuff is amazing and they use it so appropriately

Cracker has a real obsession with cars, it takes us forever to walk anywhere as he has to point out every car he sees. We have quite a few little ones (including ones from HappyLand) sets, but when we found these monster size ones from Early Learning Centre we had to get them. We put them in our room (where they come when they first wake up) and even at 0530am it was hard not to smile when I heard his really loud “wow” and then being driven over!

At this age, it is important for them to develop physically. My gorgeous friend, P, got them ‘My First Scooter’ from Ozbozz (from Amazon). Obviously, these are things that they will grow into, but they already enjoy zooming up and down the hallway on them. The look of determination on Biscuit’s face is priceless

20140803-215023-78623148.jpg. They have ToddleBikes from last year, but we wanted them to have bikes to play on at my Mum and Dad’s house. So, we found Bouncycles from Argos and they thought they were fantastic

20140803-215305-78785347.jpg They didn’t get the bounce action straight away, but with more strength and practice they’ll be fine. Plus, the wheels are so chunky and sturdy that they are the perfect practice bike.
Biscuit and Cracker’s godmother, S, and her family very kindly got them a Big Jigs Rail set, including personalised trains and a play mat.

20140803-215708-79028245.jpg They both love it so much, they get it out first thing in the morning and I’m not allowed to tidy it away until after they’ve gone to bed, or they just get the whole thing out again!

I hope this post has been helpful for those looking to buy gifts for any two-year-olds they know. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions, Christmas will be here sooner than we all think and then we’ll have to discover what else we can get them!!


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