It's my life, but not as I knew it!

Once again here we are enjoying Trendy Tot Thursday where I get to show off Biscuit and Cracker’s outfit from the week via The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex, and this has been a big week for them as they turned two.
When they were little twinks, I have to admit that I was one of those MOMs (Mama Of Multiples) who liked dressing them to match each other. It has got difficult to do that more recently as their personalities, needs and likes has become so distinctly different. But it was their birthday, the perfect excuse to celebrate their ‘twin-ness’.

The gorgeous Biscuit and Cracker are sporting Rocket and Rose ice-cream t-shirts. I discovered this funky brand through Zulily, the website offering brands at a discounted price- I love looking through their site just to learn new brands and products. I adore the fun, summer design of these t-shirts, so much so that I bought them months ago in preparation for this weekend!

Cracker is wearing his lovely blue t-shirt with some Mini Club from Boots shorts. We have these shorts in a whole variety of colours as they are so comfortable and are a good length on him too. He is also wearing his Doodle sandals from Clarks as, they too, are comfortable and it was warm!

Biscuit has teamed her pretty pink t-shirt with a pretty pink tutu from Candy Bows, another brand that I discovered from Zulily. Of course tutus are not the most practical item of clothing for an adventurous toddler in her grandparent’s garden with a slide and paddling pool, but you have to dress up on your birthday. Don’t you?! She is also wearing her Doodle sandals from Clarks. The best thing about these sandals? They can go in the washing machine if your little one discovers a lovely muddy puddle, or (as was our case during this weekend) they won’t come to harm if they get thrown in the paddling pool over and over again!
I still can’t believe my two little bubbas are two, but at least I could ensure they celebrated in style!


Comments on: "Trendy Tot Thursday (31/07/2014)" (8)

  1. I love that you managed to get them matching tops for their birthday they both look so cute happy birthday biscuit and cracker hope they both had a great day x

  2. teentweentoddler1 said:

    I love those t-shirts and that tutu is adorable! Happy birthday to them both x

  3. Happy belated birthday to Biscuit and Cracker!! Love their outfits! Imust get my 2 some of those sandals! Thanks for linking up with #TT_Thursday 🙂

  4. Oh WOW! Happy 2nd Birthday Biscuit & Cracker, I hope you both had amazing days!! Your outifts are amazing and your matching tops are just fantastic!! Thank you for linking up #TT_Thursday x

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