It's my life, but not as I knew it!

Wow! What a busy weekend we have had. Biscuit and Cracker joined the world of ‘terrible two-years-olds’ and we celebrated by having a lovely low-key weekend at Grammy and Mamps’ house.

When I compare photos of the twins from 2012, 2013 and 2014 I am amazed. 24 months seems such a ridiculously small amount of time, yet children go from being these totally vulnerable babies who (let’s face it) don’t do an awful lot to being the beautiful, amazing little people with their own lovely personalities and skills.
In my new role, I get to undertake health reviews on 2-year-olds where we check on skills and development. I have been watching Biscuit and Cracker recently to ensure that they hit all their milestones and this has compounded how amazing they are and how far they have come in the last two years.
Think about all those milestones your children have hit- the first time they smiled, they rolled, they sat up, they spoke, they walked, they kissed you etc. These are such monumental moments and, as parents, we get to witness them, take pride in them and marvel at them.
I’m enjoying Biscuit and Cracker at this age, they are such fun and are reaching the stage that we don’t need an entire suitcase-worth of stuff for a five-minute walk around the corner so we can do more spontaneous stuff. We took them to Grammy and Mamps’ without a buggy or slings, they walked and sat on bus and train seats all by themselves- utter bliss for parents who are used to struggling on and off public transport with a twin buggy the size of a family car!

What milestones have your little ones hit recently?


Let me know what you think.

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