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Wow! I’m a little late to the party today, aren’t I? But you didn’t really believe that I would let a Thursday go by without my favourite linky, did you?! Once again I will let you, via The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex, see some of the lovely clothes Biscuit and Cracker have been wearing this week.
It has been tough for me to decide between all their outfits, we have been enjoying the warm evenings with multiple trips to the park before dinner and I love their summer clothes- you can go so colourful and fun with little ones! However I couldn’t fit them all into one post so here goes; here are my choices!

Biscuit has had this ‘Cutey Couture’ dress for ages, as you can see it is coming up a little short on her- hence the use of frilly pants or leggings to maintain modesty. It is made of such light fabric that it keeps her really cool, the pattern is lovely and (as I hopefully have demonstrated) it can be worn a variety of ways. At home, we have had her in the dress and pants alone and she has been very comfortable. When we went out, we included some plain white leggings from Mamas and Papas (these came with another outfit, but are very versatile). It was a little chilly on Sunday morning, so it was also teamed with her cute little pink cardigan from Next. As big molar teeth are coming through, dribble bibs are a permanent fixture on both of the twins and these are from Mothercare
I have to say, the stars of the show are definitely her Scruffy Dog shoes. They are like funky Birkenstocks for children, are very comfortable and always get commented on. I had never come across this brand until Zulily featured them a little while back and I fell in love. Just wish I’d bought them in every size so they wouldn’t outgrow them!

Cracker is wearing a plain grey vest (probably from Primark, but I snipped the label out so can’t be sure!) with his grey Next cardigan. I think he looks so grown up in that cardigan and it can be dressed up and down very simply. His trousers are from Jojo Maman Bebe and are lush. They are light but tough wearing and go with lots of different styles and colours of tops. He is also sporting his Scruffy Dog shoes and looks fabulous for doing so! I’m jealous they only make shoes for kids!

Obviously it has been scorching hot these past few days and there is no way the twins will go for a nap fully dress like this so there was only one thing for it: PANTS!

Biscuit’s beautiful bottom is adorned by ‘frillies’ from Itsy Bits. We have these in a multitude of colours and they are brilliant under a dress as a nappy cover or on their own with a cute top. Not sure you’d ever get me in trousers if I was young enough to get away with them! Cracker is in his grown-up boxers from Primark, simple but comfortable.

Hope I made a good choice with picking these outfits for you to see, I’m obviously biased and think they look good in anything!!


Comments on: "Trendy Tot Thursday (24/07/2012)" (6)

  1. Welcome back for another week on #TT_Thursday and again both Biscuit and Cracker look truly adorable and so grown up! Your twins look adorable in whatever they wear, I am loving the nap pants hehe!

    • Thank you for hosting! Most of the time they nap in their pants, it’s so hot and they’re normally roasting from running around all morning (particularly if they’ve been with the childminder), plus they look cute!

  2. Amazing outfits! I love that you have dressed them up and down too they both look great x

    • Thank you, I love versatile outfits. They’re in sizes for such a small amount of time that I like to get the maximum use out of things, especially bits I really love. Biscuit has some amazingly cute dresses but I find it hard to find occasions for her to wear them. X

  3. They are both gorgeous!! LOVE Biscuit’s top and shoes – I’ll have to look up the shoes for Syd! Cracker looks really grown up in his cardigan. Sooo cute! Love his trousers too! Thanks for linking up with #TT_Thursday 🙂

    • Thank you for hosting all these trendy tots again! I definitely would look them up, I need to find a UK seller of them so if you find them first please let me know. They’re lovely and comfortable and look good too, plus the twins like being able to put them on themselves (oh how we love independence in this house)! X

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