It's my life, but not as I knew it!

Please bear in mind that even in deepest winter, when there’s snow on the ground etc, our flat is roasting. We never turn the heating on and very rarely close the windows. Now fast forward to this lovely heat wave that we’re experiencing now and you may be able to tell how hot it is here!

Bringing up two toddlers in this flat means we have to think of ways to keep us all cool on hot days, because there is nothing worse than little ones getting over-heated and stroppy.

We have fans in both bedrooms and are fortunate enough to have an air con unit in the living room. Even with the fan in the twins’ bedroom, it can reach 29/30oc in there. We ensure that they wear as little as comfortable to bed and they don’t have a blanket or sleeping bag. It is important that you dress your little one(s) appropriately for the temperature of their room. Our BT baby monitor tells us the temperature and my mum and dad have a Gro Egg in the twins’ room at their house.

20140719-204618-74778509.jpg When it’s even too hot for a vest!

We also try to think of ways to keep them cool during the day. As with all children, they love ice cream and lollies and we have started making our own frozen treats. Tiger had a fantastic product in store when I last went in that meant you can make your own callipo-style lollies in reusable packs. I also used my silicone bake wear to freeze some yummy Greek-style honey yoghurt into fun shapes for the twins, and I added fruit to it to make is even better for them.

Can you spot our homemade Callipos in the freezer drawer too?


We try to incorporate water play as much as we can, be that in a cool, relaxing bath, with spray bottles or with a water table. Without a garden we have to be ingenious (oh how we dream of a paddling pool) and keep coming up with other ways of keeping them cool and stimulating their development.

I also went against all my best instincts and cut my gorgeous Cracker’s hair quite short! From previous photos you’ve seen of him (like:

20140719-205413-75253921.jpg) you can see how long and luscious his hair is. I have had to cut it a few times already, but have stuck to just trimming as much as necessary to allow him to see! Today he woke up from his nap with his hair dripping wet and obviously uncomfortable for him as he was itching away at his head, so I bit the bullet and decided short hair is best for him. I won’t post a photo of that particular event as it is not the most even haircut you’ll ever see in your life (waiting for Grammy to bring some clippers round to sort of the back a bit) but he is definitely cooler!

If you have any hints or tips for how to keep twin toddlers cool, please let me know!

I am off to try and cool off a little before bed! Night!


Comments on: "It’s Too Darn Hot" (2)

  1. Vicki said:

    I don’t know if you can do it with toddlers but when it gets too hot over here (40c!) I soak a sheet in cold water, wring it out and then put it on the bed to sleep under. As you sleep the sheet dries out with the body heat but it keeps you cool for hours! Hope you manage to find a solution, there is nothing worse than being too hot :0(
    Vicki xxx

    • That’s a good idea, although doesn’t it make the mattress go mouldy? There are cool pads for beds and pillows that I may look into as well.
      I’ve had to 100% give in and I shaved Cracker’s head this morning, not loving it but it’s so much cooler for him.
      Thanks for thinking of us x

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