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Week two of my new favourite linky: Trendy Tot Thursday from the lovely The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex.

This week I have chosen the twinks’ outfit from my brother’s wedding.

Biscuit wore the very beautiful ‘Matilda Mae’ dress from Princess and the Frock. As she is a tricky size they did a bespoke size for us, Rob may have had difficulties measuring her so it initially came to us a little short but, thanks to amazing customer service, it was corrected with an extra, frilly hem. To be honest, I loved the addition (and it matched the sleeves too). We teamed this gorgeous dress with a lovely pink cardigan and plain white tights from Next and her lovely white shoes from Clarks. We had so many comments about how gorgeous she looked and how stunning her dress was.

It still fit beautifully and people always ask me where we got it.

Cracker wore the ‘When You Wish’ waistcoat from Princess and The Frock. Again we had it altered to fit him perfectly. Coupled with a shirt from T K Maxx and a pair of Primark trousers, along with his Clarks’ shoes, he looked like a real little gentleman.

For people wondering why I teamed such lovely items with trousers from Primark; he is a very active, very boisterous adventurer and his trousers run the risk of getting scratched and ruined very easily. In fact, one massive fall (straight onto his head) and a speedy drive to the nearest A&E meant he finished the wedding like this:

20140717-064129-24089872.jpg, in his M & Co sleep suit! Well if the bride can have more than one outfit….!

Thank you for reading.


Comments on: "Trendy Tot Thursday (17/07/2014)" (8)

  1. Aww! Biscuit’s dress is beautiful! Ouch @ cracker’s fall! His outfit was fab though. I tend to mix Sam’s more expensive tops with Primark jeans for the same reason. Too many holy knees to spend a lot on trousers for him. Thanks for linking up 🙂

    • Thank you, obviously she’d look gorgeous in a paper bag but the dress is the icing on the cake!!! He looked so smart, it was a shame he really hurt himself but he was so good. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does it!!! X

  2. teentweentoddler1 said:

    Gorgeous outfits, even after your little trip to a&e 🙂 I love the waistcoat! x

  3. I do adore Biscuit and Cracker, and once again what truly amazing outfits for them both! I wish I could put my son in trousers from Primark but he’s not at that size/height were if I buy something which fits round his waist they are too short in the leg or if they are right in the leg they are mahoosive around the waist! – I have an odd shaped son!

    • Thanks Bex! That’s really kind of you. Hee hee, children are funny shapes! Thank God for belts and rolled-up trousers to get them to fit. Biscuit lives in dresses due to her shape, we can’t get trousers that fit her either!

  4. beautiful outfits, and children too! I love the dress its so pretty.

    • Thank you. I’m very lucky! The Princess and The Frock do some absolutely gorgeous clothes, glad I had the wedding as an excuse to get then both something!!!

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