It's my life, but not as I knew it!

1) Rain (and, as a sidebar, buggy rain covers and raincoats)
Living in London means that going out with the buggy, especially at the weekend, is tricky. There are tourists everywhere! But today, when I had Biscuit and Cracker in their buggy, it really started to pour it down. The twins had their rain covers on and I had my mummy coat on and we just pushed on through it, but the pavements were absolutely empty. What bliss!

2) Nana naps!
I actually got to have a little cheeky nana nap this afternoon and it was absolutely lush! With our working patterns and the twins, Rob and I don’t often get to have naps. Today Rob took the baby monitor during their nap and let me relax…. For two whole hours! Heaven!

3) Weekends
During my entire working life I have been working shifts- due to nights and weekends all days were the same to me. Now I have a Monday to Friday, 9-5 thing going on I have weekends. The joys of getting to Friday evening and having two days stretching out in front of you is something I am still getting used to and am loving! Obviously I now have to deal with the inevitable crash of Monday morning, but that’s such a small price to pay!

4) Empty Laundry Baskets
Thanks to having wonderful weekends I can now do normal mummy chores at the weekend, like the three loads of washing that had been growing steadily. I actually enjoy doing the washing, sorting them into colours etc appeals to my OCD nature and I always like putting out the little clothes to dry! And it makes the house smell beautiful.

5) Bath Time
My two water babies love having a bath and two nights a week (when Rob works) I get to do bath time alone. Just look at their faces and tell me that you wouldn’t have put that on your list too….!!



Comments on: "Five Things To Be Grateful For… Day Three" (4)

  1. What a fun bath time!! Bath time at my house, with 13 month old twins, is still a bit tiring–looking forward to when they’re a bit older and walking and maybe it will be a nice relief?

    • I’m finding it that the more physically-able they are the easier it is as they are not getting so frustrated. Yes, you need to develop eyes in the back of your head at times but they are more fun! Good luck x

  2. Lovely post, it reminds me of the ‘glad game’ from Pollyanna, you have to think of something to be glad about every day. I certainly share your joy of naps and an empty laundry basket!! My husband work every other weekend so when he’s off its cherished time :O)

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