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Trendy Tot Thursday (31/07/2014)

Once again here we are enjoying Trendy Tot Thursday where I get to show off Biscuit and Cracker’s outfit from the week via The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex, and this has been a big week for them as they turned two.
When they were little twinks, I have to admit that I was one of those MOMs (Mama Of Multiples) who liked dressing them to match each other. It has got difficult to do that more recently as their personalities, needs and likes has become so distinctly different. But it was their birthday, the perfect excuse to celebrate their ‘twin-ness’.

The gorgeous Biscuit and Cracker are sporting Rocket and Rose ice-cream t-shirts. I discovered this funky brand through Zulily, the website offering brands at a discounted price- I love looking through their site just to learn new brands and products. I adore the fun, summer design of these t-shirts, so much so that I bought them months ago in preparation for this weekend!

Cracker is wearing his lovely blue t-shirt with some Mini Club from Boots shorts. We have these shorts in a whole variety of colours as they are so comfortable and are a good length on him too. He is also wearing his Doodle sandals from Clarks as, they too, are comfortable and it was warm!

Biscuit has teamed her pretty pink t-shirt with a pretty pink tutu from Candy Bows, another brand that I discovered from Zulily. Of course tutus are not the most practical item of clothing for an adventurous toddler in her grandparent’s garden with a slide and paddling pool, but you have to dress up on your birthday. Don’t you?! She is also wearing her Doodle sandals from Clarks. The best thing about these sandals? They can go in the washing machine if your little one discovers a lovely muddy puddle, or (as was our case during this weekend) they won’t come to harm if they get thrown in the paddling pool over and over again!
I still can’t believe my two little bubbas are two, but at least I could ensure they celebrated in style!


My two become two-year-olds!

Wow! What a busy weekend we have had. Biscuit and Cracker joined the world of ‘terrible two-years-olds’ and we celebrated by having a lovely low-key weekend at Grammy and Mamps’ house.

When I compare photos of the twins from 2012, 2013 and 2014 I am amazed. 24 months seems such a ridiculously small amount of time, yet children go from being these totally vulnerable babies who (let’s face it) don’t do an awful lot to being the beautiful, amazing little people with their own lovely personalities and skills.
In my new role, I get to undertake health reviews on 2-year-olds where we check on skills and development. I have been watching Biscuit and Cracker recently to ensure that they hit all their milestones and this has compounded how amazing they are and how far they have come in the last two years.
Think about all those milestones your children have hit- the first time they smiled, they rolled, they sat up, they spoke, they walked, they kissed you etc. These are such monumental moments and, as parents, we get to witness them, take pride in them and marvel at them.
I’m enjoying Biscuit and Cracker at this age, they are such fun and are reaching the stage that we don’t need an entire suitcase-worth of stuff for a five-minute walk around the corner so we can do more spontaneous stuff. We took them to Grammy and Mamps’ without a buggy or slings, they walked and sat on bus and train seats all by themselves- utter bliss for parents who are used to struggling on and off public transport with a twin buggy the size of a family car!

What milestones have your little ones hit recently?

Trendy Tot Thursday (24/07/2012)

Wow! I’m a little late to the party today, aren’t I? But you didn’t really believe that I would let a Thursday go by without my favourite linky, did you?! Once again I will let you, via The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex, see some of the lovely clothes Biscuit and Cracker have been wearing this week.
It has been tough for me to decide between all their outfits, we have been enjoying the warm evenings with multiple trips to the park before dinner and I love their summer clothes- you can go so colourful and fun with little ones! However I couldn’t fit them all into one post so here goes; here are my choices!

Biscuit has had this ‘Cutey Couture’ dress for ages, as you can see it is coming up a little short on her- hence the use of frilly pants or leggings to maintain modesty. It is made of such light fabric that it keeps her really cool, the pattern is lovely and (as I hopefully have demonstrated) it can be worn a variety of ways. At home, we have had her in the dress and pants alone and she has been very comfortable. When we went out, we included some plain white leggings from Mamas and Papas (these came with another outfit, but are very versatile). It was a little chilly on Sunday morning, so it was also teamed with her cute little pink cardigan from Next. As big molar teeth are coming through, dribble bibs are a permanent fixture on both of the twins and these are from Mothercare
I have to say, the stars of the show are definitely her Scruffy Dog shoes. They are like funky Birkenstocks for children, are very comfortable and always get commented on. I had never come across this brand until Zulily featured them a little while back and I fell in love. Just wish I’d bought them in every size so they wouldn’t outgrow them!

Cracker is wearing a plain grey vest (probably from Primark, but I snipped the label out so can’t be sure!) with his grey Next cardigan. I think he looks so grown up in that cardigan and it can be dressed up and down very simply. His trousers are from Jojo Maman Bebe and are lush. They are light but tough wearing and go with lots of different styles and colours of tops. He is also sporting his Scruffy Dog shoes and looks fabulous for doing so! I’m jealous they only make shoes for kids!

Obviously it has been scorching hot these past few days and there is no way the twins will go for a nap fully dress like this so there was only one thing for it: PANTS!

Biscuit’s beautiful bottom is adorned by ‘frillies’ from Itsy Bits. We have these in a multitude of colours and they are brilliant under a dress as a nappy cover or on their own with a cute top. Not sure you’d ever get me in trousers if I was young enough to get away with them! Cracker is in his grown-up boxers from Primark, simple but comfortable.

Hope I made a good choice with picking these outfits for you to see, I’m obviously biased and think they look good in anything!!

A Spoonful of Sugar…

… apparently, it helps the medicine go down. Although, unfortunately, healthcare providers nowadays do not subscribe to Mary Poppins’ theory!

I have been thinking a lot about medicines recently. I am undertaking my Community Nurse Prescribers module at the moment (exam on Wednesday… Eek!) and so am looking at the legal aspects of prescribing, as well as ensuring I prescribe the right drug at the right dose to the right patient etc.

Plus the talented Clearly Bex wrote a piece on how she gives medicine to her kids (read it here) after she saw the news articles about how parents are, inadvertently, under- or over-dosing their children by using the wrong measurements for medicines (see that report here). As a children’s nurse, this seems so crazy to me. I have always used syringes at work (especially when a dose being off by 0.1ml could have a devastating effect) and obviously find them easy and accurate. Also, as the NHS article says, aren’t you less likely to make a mistake when you have to measure out mls rather than simply spoonfuls?


Of course, not all children will take medicine from a syringe. My own lovely Cracker doesn’t like having it like that, which is why the brilliant minds behind Spilly Spoon came up with their product. A non-spill, dishwasher and steriliser safe, child-friendly medicine ‘spoon’ that children are able to administer to themselves. We got ours at the Baby Show with their ‘ouch pouch’ (a pouch to keep in your nappy bag with room for plasters, cleaning wipes, an epi-pen etc) and both the twins took to it straight away.


As I mentioned in a previous post, Biscuit hasn’t been a well little girl recently with multiple admissions to hospital over the last 5 months. As these were for respiratory problems we have gotten very good at inhalers and nebulisers! The nurses and doctors are always amazed at how well Biscuit takes them, as they are expecting quite a fuss from her! She is, however, an absolute superstar with it. For other parents whose little ones need inhalers, but might not be as chilled out about it, I’d recommend a few things: let them play with the inhaler and the spacer (under close supervision) as this will take away some of the fear they have when it comes towards them, count out loud during their ‘puffs’ as they’ll start to recognise that it’s over quite quickly, praise them afterwards and keep your spacer nice and clean (ok, the last one might not change your child’s mind about it, but it is best practice).

Lastly, it is so important for some drugs (like antibiotics) to be given for a certain length of time and a certain number of times. If, like me, you have the severe baby-brain, or you share the responsibility with your partner and don’t want your child to either miss a dose or get double the amount, what you do is easy- get a sticker and draw out the number of doses needed (or the number of days it has to be given) and stick it on the side of the bottle. When you give a dose, put a tick through it. That way you can check, at a glance, if the dose has been given or not. Just a little something we once did when both the twins were on antibiotics and it worked out so well I wanted to share it with you!!


Don’t be scared about giving medicine to children when it is necessary for their health. There are many people (GP, HV, pharmacist) who can answer your questions and queries and many things to help you administer them (syringe, spilly spoon, medicine cup or (if you are careful) medicine spoon). Try not to get stressed, or your little one will pick up on it. And worst comes to the worst, a little treat always helps it go down!!

Silent Sunday (20/07/2014)


More Silent Sunday can be found at Cosmic Girlie.

It’s Too Darn Hot

Please bear in mind that even in deepest winter, when there’s snow on the ground etc, our flat is roasting. We never turn the heating on and very rarely close the windows. Now fast forward to this lovely heat wave that we’re experiencing now and you may be able to tell how hot it is here!

Bringing up two toddlers in this flat means we have to think of ways to keep us all cool on hot days, because there is nothing worse than little ones getting over-heated and stroppy.

We have fans in both bedrooms and are fortunate enough to have an air con unit in the living room. Even with the fan in the twins’ bedroom, it can reach 29/30oc in there. We ensure that they wear as little as comfortable to bed and they don’t have a blanket or sleeping bag. It is important that you dress your little one(s) appropriately for the temperature of their room. Our BT baby monitor tells us the temperature and my mum and dad have a Gro Egg in the twins’ room at their house.

20140719-204618-74778509.jpg When it’s even too hot for a vest!

We also try to think of ways to keep them cool during the day. As with all children, they love ice cream and lollies and we have started making our own frozen treats. Tiger had a fantastic product in store when I last went in that meant you can make your own callipo-style lollies in reusable packs. I also used my silicone bake wear to freeze some yummy Greek-style honey yoghurt into fun shapes for the twins, and I added fruit to it to make is even better for them.

Can you spot our homemade Callipos in the freezer drawer too?


We try to incorporate water play as much as we can, be that in a cool, relaxing bath, with spray bottles or with a water table. Without a garden we have to be ingenious (oh how we dream of a paddling pool) and keep coming up with other ways of keeping them cool and stimulating their development.

I also went against all my best instincts and cut my gorgeous Cracker’s hair quite short! From previous photos you’ve seen of him (like:

20140719-205413-75253921.jpg) you can see how long and luscious his hair is. I have had to cut it a few times already, but have stuck to just trimming as much as necessary to allow him to see! Today he woke up from his nap with his hair dripping wet and obviously uncomfortable for him as he was itching away at his head, so I bit the bullet and decided short hair is best for him. I won’t post a photo of that particular event as it is not the most even haircut you’ll ever see in your life (waiting for Grammy to bring some clippers round to sort of the back a bit) but he is definitely cooler!

If you have any hints or tips for how to keep twin toddlers cool, please let me know!

I am off to try and cool off a little before bed! Night!

Trendy Tot Thursday (17/07/2014)

Week two of my new favourite linky: Trendy Tot Thursday from the lovely The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex.

This week I have chosen the twinks’ outfit from my brother’s wedding.

Biscuit wore the very beautiful ‘Matilda Mae’ dress from Princess and the Frock. As she is a tricky size they did a bespoke size for us, Rob may have had difficulties measuring her so it initially came to us a little short but, thanks to amazing customer service, it was corrected with an extra, frilly hem. To be honest, I loved the addition (and it matched the sleeves too). We teamed this gorgeous dress with a lovely pink cardigan and plain white tights from Next and her lovely white shoes from Clarks. We had so many comments about how gorgeous she looked and how stunning her dress was.

It still fit beautifully and people always ask me where we got it.

Cracker wore the ‘When You Wish’ waistcoat from Princess and The Frock. Again we had it altered to fit him perfectly. Coupled with a shirt from T K Maxx and a pair of Primark trousers, along with his Clarks’ shoes, he looked like a real little gentleman.

For people wondering why I teamed such lovely items with trousers from Primark; he is a very active, very boisterous adventurer and his trousers run the risk of getting scratched and ruined very easily. In fact, one massive fall (straight onto his head) and a speedy drive to the nearest A&E meant he finished the wedding like this:

20140717-064129-24089872.jpg, in his M & Co sleep suit! Well if the bride can have more than one outfit….!

Thank you for reading.