It's my life, but not as I knew it!

…well maybe not EVERYDAY but I certainly conquered my fear on Saturday when I clambered into the back of the smallest aircraft I had ever seen and squeezed onto the floor with 13 other people wearing the very latest in fashionable jumpsuits, hats, goggles and harnesses.
Let me get one thing straight, I hate flying. I even hate going onto one of those huge jets that whisks you away on holiday, most long haul flights I have taken have required a lot of rescue remedy to get me through them. So this mini plane with it’s teeny engine was not filling me with confidence, but I had made a promise to myself, the friends and family who sponsored me and to the amazing charity that is Saying Goodbye and I was not about to let anyone down. To tell you the truth after 15mins of spiralling upwards to a height of 12000 feet I was more than willing to jump out, just to get out of the plane!!
Skydiving is an absolutely amazing experience. From actually being told to scream your lungs out when you initially hurtle out at 200mph to the gorgeous views when your parachute opens, it is so cathartic and rejuvenating. I don’t think the smile has even been wiped off my face now, 4 days later! Plus, doing something for a charity that you know does such good work can never be bad.

I would like to thank the Saying Goodbye team for providing me with the opportunity to do good work in this fantastic way and Skydive at Headcorn (especially my lovely instructor, Del) for looking after me so well on this, my day to remember.
If you would like to support this charity and sponsor me for my skydive then please visit x


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