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I love reading other Mummy blogs, it is always good to hear that it is not just you suffering through late night feeds, snotty/sickie babies or the total lack of social life. Today I have been inspired by the lovely Geek Chic Diary and her post What’s In My Changing Bag to empty my changing bag out and share with you all just what’s in there.

I know we’d all love the opportunity to have a quick look through other people’s handbags, from when I was tiny my mum’s and my gran’s were the objects of utter fascination for me. As we have our own little ones our beautiful handbags get swapped for changing bags more often than not and instead of having the luxury of colour co-ordination or making sure you pack just the right lip-gloss it’s about how many nappies can fit and where you can put their spare clothes.


The Changing Bag
If you think about how much stuff is needed for a single baby, can you imagine how much stuff we tote around for the twinnies (or just what size of suitcase would be required for triplets or more)?! For the job of our changing bag, we knew we needed something large enough to carry things for both Biscuit and Cracker. On Twins UK we found our bag, the Almora PacaPod. The beauty of this bag is that it contains ‘pods’- zipped bags for either changing or feeding that can be removed separately from the bag, meaning that you don’t have to take the whole bag with you when you just need certain things.


The Feeding Pod
When the twins were little we could fit two bottles of my milk in here: the feeding pod works to keep cool things cool. We used Mam anti-colic bottles for them as I liked how easy they were to clean and sterilise and the twins got on really well with their teats. Now they’re a lot bigger and off the milk we can fit in two sippy cups, plus bibs, cutlery and snacks for our outing. It helps that it is wipe-clean inside too!

The Changing Pod
It’s been a long time since the twins wore the same size nappy as each other- Cracker has always been the bigger of the two- and this has meant that we need to take enough nappies for each of them separately, this is normally about 3/4 each! Plus we have wipes, nappy bags, bum cream, hand sanitiser and a Spilly Spoon Ouch Pouch containing Calpol, plasters etc. The changing pod also comes with a little draw string bag to put dirty clothes in, not big enough for whole outfits, but handy for vests.

The Rest of the Bag
For a spare change of clothes, we use a Bambino Mio Nappy Bag. This is waterproof and easily squashes into the area between the two pods, if we didn’t require so many nappies it would definitely fit into the changing pod. We always take a spare outfit for each of the twins, you never know what might happen when you’re out and about.
The PacaPod comes with a little changing mat. Even when we’re somewhere with a baby changing station I use this changing mat to keep the twins as clean as possible. It folds up small to fit into the pocket in the front of the changing bag.
We can’t go anywhere without dummies and dummy wipes. My two are big fans of the dummy and generally have theirs attached to them when they’re in the sling or buggy. Having dummy wipes (found and bought at Superdrug, I think) meant it’s easy to clean on the go.
We always carry at least one muslin around with us. When they were tiny this was used for small vomits and dribble, now it can be anything from a towel, to a runny nose wipe, to covering a head of a sleeping baby in the sling.
A variety of small toys (like cars) and/or books. A bored, screaming child on any form of public transport or in any restaurant is sure to attract evil stares so being able to keep them entertained with the simplest of toy is so useful (nb this trick will only last for five minutes, maximum)!
I love Vaseline and we have a little tin of it in our bag whenever we go out. Mama can use it on her lips when they get dry from kissing the top of the bubba’s heads, it can also be used on bottoms, grazed knees and dry skin anywhere. Fantastic stuff!
All parents know how useful tissues are and I have a packet in our changing bag at all times.
You may laugh at the next item but, trust me, it’s so handy to have. We have two waterproof ponchos in the changing bag (the kind you see tourists wearing around London as soon as it starts spitting). If you are out and about and it starts tipping it down, the babies will keep nice and dry in the buggy with their rain covers on whilst you get absolutely soaked or you will all get soaked if they are in the sling. Get yourself a couple of the extra large ponchos and you will not only keep yourself dry while you push them home but it will be able to cover both of you if you are babywearing. I do tend to have my waterproof ‘mummy coat’ with me, but it doesn’t fold up anywhere near as small as a poncho does so if it’s a previously beautiful day then I might have left the coat at home but never the poncho!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little delve through my changing bag. I’ve shown you mine, what’s in yours?!


Comments on: "What’s In My Twin Changing Bag?" (3)

  1. Love this – I was always one to over pack my bag just in case of every eventuality – never thought of ponchos though – thats fantastic. Look forward to reading more of your blog :O)

  2. whyistherebreadinmykoolaid said:

    Do you want to know something a little pathetic? My girls are five and I still can’t bring myself to get rid of the backpack diaper bag that went with us EVERYWHERE. I guess I’ll take it with me to the nursing home one day, Lord knows as harrowing and exhausting as that time was, I just can’t bear to part with it. 🙂

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