It's my life, but not as I knew it!

When I first walked past a stall advertising ‘reusable baby wipes’ I personally couldn’t see the appeal! But, again using the bonus of being at The Baby Show and being able go and speak to the people behind the idea, as well as see/feel the product they’re selling turned me into convert.

I met Helen at Cheeky Wipes and had a long chat to her about what cheeky wipes were, what their uses are and the benefits to the environment, the twins and to our wallets!
Cheeky Wipes are soft, cloth wipes which you store in a ‘fresh box’ with water and fresh essential oils until the time comes to use them on your little one. After cleaning up (and before you panic, you don’t have any more contact with the poop and even the messiest, stinkiest, grossest nappy will only need one wipe) you pop them in a ‘messy box’ inside a net with water and mucky essential oil until such a time that you will be doing a load of washing. Then take out the net and pop it in your washing machine with the rest of your laundry and you’re good to go (as they’re just for bottom cleaning, we don’t worry about what colour wash they go in with). For the twins, we got two sets of the cloth wipes so we could allow them to dry fully after their wash before using them again.

The essential oils that you use smell lovely (and they have a range of smells to choose from) and are so kind to little ones skin. Biscuit has super sensitive skin and is prone to nappy rash, we find that the cheeky wipes are really good for her. When she’s had lots of nappy changes using disposable baby wipes (e.g. at the childminders or her grandparents) her bottom quickly goes red and sore. A couple of days using Cheeky Wipes sorts her out though, back to her usual pink gorgeousness! This is because of all chemicals that are contained even in sensitive baby wipes (i.e. Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Propylene Glycol, Tartaric Acid, Benzoic Acid, Butylene, Glycol, Ceteareth 12 and Citric Acid).

Not only do we love our Cheeky Wipes for their numerous nappy changes, we have also bought the weaning set that has lovely rainbow colour microfibre cloths, a fresh box and essential oils. No need for a mucky box with this set as they go straight into the washing machine to wait for your next load. We used to get through so many disposable wipes at each meal time for hands and faces, now we just keep the box on the table ready to go.
For out and about, there are double wet bags- one part for clean wipes and one part for you to put the mucky ones in until you get home. You can use these bags for nappy or face wipes.

Okay, now if any of you still need added convincing then think of all the money that you will save. The Cheeky Wipes website outlines these savings for you

What if we told you that using Cheeky cloth baby wipes could save you £250 – £500 in the first two years vs. using disposable wipes? Gulp!
£500. That’s right. Enough for a cheeky weekend away with your beloved…or a new pair of shoes…or a treat for the kids…
Using one pack of disposable baby wipes per week at £2.49 in the first two years of your lovely baby’s life comes to a staggering £258.96!
The Cheeky Wipes cloth baby wipes kit costs just £39.99!
And for mums with more than one cheeky monkey (or just a particularly messy one!) – who go through 2 or more disposable baby wipes packs per week, so you could be saving over £500!
Cheeky cloth baby wipes mean more cash in your pocket!

I am so glad I took that extra five minutes to go and find out more about these reusable baby wipes, hopefully you’ll be glad you’ve taken these last five minutes to learn about them too and see if they’d be good for you and yours.

I didn’t receive any money or products for writing this review, I am, however, a firm believer in using other mummy recommendations and I am recommending these wipes to you!


Let me know what you think.

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