It's my life, but not as I knew it!

Firstly, sorry for the lack of radio contact recently. Biscuit and Cracker has started with the childminder in true toddler fashion- by catching every bug going and getting very poorly with bacterial tonsillitis needing antibiotics. Fingers crossed we are on the road to recover, and a stronger immune system!

Now, down to the real business of this post- The Baby Show. I would urge all parents-to-be and parents of babies and toddlers to go to these shows. I started off going to one with a friend when we were both pregnant and, yesterday, I went to my 8th (I think)!
I didn’t realise how useful they would be to me as a parent until that friend and I waddled off the DLR at Excel and saw the massive variety of products and companies around and available.
Of course, they are baby and toddler friendly. There are nappy changing areas (with free nappies and wipes available), closed Breastfeeding areas and feeding areas with access to highchairs and microwaves. They also have a free crèche available for either pre-booking or first come first serve, run by Tinies.
For all your baby shopping needs, you get big stores, like Mamas and Papas and Mothercare offering show discounts on a large number of their products, brands like Mam, Vital Baby and many others showing you what products they offer and selling you them at highly reduced prices and many other stalls for other things like cord blood banking, infant resuscitation with St John’s Ambulance (a very worthwhile skill to know) and family friendly holidays.
There are also lots, and lots, and lots of stalls showing a huge variety of buggies, pushchairs, travel systems and prams for you to browse, try out, take apart and put back together, and get advice and information on from the companies that make and sell them.
The big draw, for me, to these shows are the innovative products that you might not have seen or heard about from anywhere else. My mummy friends are always commenting that we have all these cool things that they didn’t even know existed, and how do I know about them? Well now you know my secret! I will have seen them at a show, often spent time having a chat with the owner/inventor and then getting them to use at home. Lots of mums/dads/grandparents etc are seeing a need when they look after their own little ones and creating products that will work in real life.
My next few blog posts will be about these very companies and products. Things that we have purchased because of baby shows and now couldn’t/wouldn’t live without and people that we have met every time and now are part of our baby community. I will introduce you to The Bunk Cot, Morrck, Cheeky Wipes, Cheeky Rascals, Emily from South London Sling Library and Penny from Health Visitor 4U to name a few.
So please come back and see us soon for these introductions!


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