It's my life, but not as I knew it!

On my very first show, back when Biscuit and Cracker were in my tummy, I saw a product that appealed massively to me as a soon-to-be mama of twins. But please don’t let that out you off, this product is also perfect for people that have a toddler and a baby, or two different age toddlers, or a little one and another little one who isn’t yours but you look after a lot… It is a useful product. This company also has such an amazing show discount that after coming home from Excel and discussing it lots with Rob, I travelled up to the Birmingham show just to see them again and purchase it!

The Bunk Cot does exactly what it says on the tin… It is a bunk bed, made of cots! It also converts into toddler bunk beds to last them until they’re six or seven, so this is a highly useful item of furniture that will see you through until they’re old enough for normal bunk beds when they are bigger and less likely to topple out.
As I said, for a mum of twins in a two bedroom flat, I thought this was perfect. It is the size of a toddler bed, much easier to squeeze into your home than two cots with enough space in between them that you can get to them. The top cot is the perfect height for post-section mums who can’t bend over far to put their little ones down (Biscuit and Cracker slept together in the top cot until they were about eight months old). It is a solid, well-made piece of furniture that comes in beech or white (you get the cot sides and the valance fronts and ladder for converting it, plus the mattresses) that will go with the rest of your nursery furniture.
Now, something to bear in mind… The bottom cot is right on the floor (they will just have wooden slats and the mattress between them and the carpet):
*If you have a very bad back or other mobility issues it might be difficult for you to put a little one down there, but if you have a toddler then they will be able to get in and out of bed easily and safely with the valance side on.
*If you, like me, have children the same age going to sleep in the cots, then the one on the bottom will be able to escape pretty easily (even with the cot sides on). We didn’t stress about this too much, just put a stair gate on the bedroom door and let him get on with it. He’s now either bored of that game, or actually a little too big to easily climb out so Cracker now stays in the bottom cot until we come in.
* If you have a very drafty property, then be aware at how low down your little one will be. Our flat is very warm with no drafts so it works fine for us.
Everyone I have mentioned or shown the Bunk Cot to is amazed by it. It appeals to many families and seems such a simple idea that no-one can believe it wasn’t thought of a long time ago! The twins love it, they now peek over and up/down at each other. Biscuit has also found a very effective method of getting more sleep- if Cracker is being too noisy then she throws her dummy down to him to shut him up, we often find him in the morning with both of their dummies!!
When they were little sharing the top cot:

A more recent snap of sleepy twinkles:

I would never have found this product if we hadn’t gone to the Baby Show.

I have not received any products or money for telling you about the Bunk Cot. I have written this review so that more people can learn about this fabulous product.


Let me know what you think.

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