It's my life, but not as I knew it!

Happy 2014 everyone! This is the year that I turn 30. It is also the year that I am doing a skydive for Saying Goodbye: the babyloss charity. I am sure these two things are entirely unrelated….!

When I first came across this charity on twitter (follow @SayingGoodbyeUK) I could barely believe the statistics regarding rates of miscarriage and stillbirth in the UK, yet it remains a subject that people don’t talk about. Approximately 250,000 babies are lost through miscarriage every year- that is about two every single minute. There are also approximately 4,000 stillbirths, that’s nearly 11 babies every day. This doesn’t include all the babies who pass away in infancy. Saying Goodbye offers support to all these parents and others affected by baby and infant loss through national remembrance services as a division of The Mariposa Trust .

I started my training as a children’s nurse 11 years ago and for the past 5 1/2 years I have specialised in neonatal (babies less than 28 days old) intensive care. The nurses and doctors (and physios, vent tech, dietitians, lab workers and all other members of the multiple-disciplinary team) work tirelessly to help get these babies better. I have, unfortunately, witnessed tragedy and loss during my time and seen parents going through the utterly worst time of their lives. Saying Goodbye offers these families somewhere to grieve with others who understand the pain and who won’t judge. I knew I wanted to do something to support them.

I, as my friends know, am terrified of flying, so the idea of Skydiving seems absolutely crazy to me. But as no-one would sponsor me for eating chocolate or having a nap I needed to “go big or go home”. The idea is that on 15th February 2014, 254 people will undertake the “Jump for Love”- one for every 1000 babies lost through miscarriage or stillbirth. We need to raise at least £395 to undertake the jump at all but we would like to aim for £1000 (£1 for each of those babies). As I only have 40-odd days I think this may be a pipe-dream but it is an aim and I would love to get as much as I can.

If you are feeling generous after the over-indulgence of Christmas and New Year and if you can see what a worthwhile cause is is, then please join me to help break the taboo of loss and donate now. My fundraising page is here, every donation matters.

Thank you.



Comments on: "Skydiving for Charity: a Jump for Love!" (4)

  1. Mind if I watch with my eyes shut? Will donate of course

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