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Ever since I decided to start writing a blog on my amazing journey as a proud Mama of twins I knew I wanted to include a post on babywearing. It is something that I love, that I am extremely passionate about and, also, that surprised me as a Mum.
I mean, I knew I wanted to carry my beautiful little bundle around (even before becoming pregnant) but knew nothing about the vast array of slings and wraps available out there. I knew nothing about how damaging using the wrong sort of sling can be for your children and their development. I knew nothing about how much I would actually fall in love with wearing the twins whilst out and about.
I cannot lie, I didn’t have a great pregnancy. I was terribly ill throughout the 35 weeks they were in there and it culminated in an emergency c-section for both my health and the health of Biscuit and Cracker. I felt that I missed out on that lovely time of enjoying carrying my bubbas round inside me and babywearing has really made up for that by giving me that gorgeous time of holding them close whilst walking about.
If you are pregnant, or looking to expand your baby transport options then I beg you to take your time, do your research, look at blogs (!), visit your local sling library, go to baby shows where they have experts on hand, talk to friends who enjoy babywearing and look for slings that will suit you, your baby and your lifestyle.
When choosing and using a sling, make sure they conform to TICKS and promote healthy hip positioning.

20131130-223338.jpg The slings that will promote the best development for your baby will ensure that you wear them parent-facing. This is not only best for their neck, spine and hips, but also their brain development- if they get scared or overwhelmed when they are facing you they can seek reassurance or a hiding place, if they are facing out they will be bombarded by stimuli then can never get away from.
I don’t pretend to be an expert on the many choices of slings and wraps out there (for this you can try an accredited babywearing consultant) but I am a passionate babywearing Mama who can, and will, tell you about her experiences.
We were lucky, the sling that I initially liked and bought was a beautiful woven wrap from Amazonas . Having a woven wrap is a hard way to start babywearing as it requires you to tie it in a certain way at a certain tension. It is, however, brilliant for those babies who are born small (like my 2.5kg twinks) as there isn’t a lower weight limit as there is with other slings, amazingly versatile as there are numerous ways of tying it to carry your babe, beautiful and so comfy cosy.
After some time using the wraps, I knew that I wanted to expand our sling collection with a buckle sling for ease of taking it on and off. After a lot of research and talking to experts we went for Manduca slings from Cheeky Rascals . They are super comfy, super easy and brilliant for toddlers who will want to get down the moment you step into the park (and back up again when they get tired). The padded waist band and straps distribute their weight over your hips and back, meaning that we regularly go on 5+ mile walks wearing the >10kg twinnies with no problem.
I have now become addicted! I love window-shopping online, at baby shows and on the street at new designs and styles of slings. My family is struggling to buy me Christmas or birthday pressies as the only things I really crave are slings (and apparently these do not count as presents for me). I adore the fashion and functionality of Wompat Slings and Rose and Rebellion Carriers. I love the structure and practicality of the Boba 4G and the transportability of the Connecta Integra. I want them all!!


I have written this post to tell you about the slings we own, and those we’d like to, not because I have been paid to or sent any to review but because we love them.


Let me know what you think.

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