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Rob’s family has been over from Italy this week, so we have been out and about with the twins a lot. They have been in their slings, their buggy and toddling round restaurants, the aquarium, the zoo, a museum and the park and the weather has been super chilly.
Having a little girl means that keeping her warm is simple as we can stick on a nice pair of tights keeping her warm from her toes to her tush, even layering them with trousers for extra warmth. But what do you do with your little boy? Trousers and socks can leave gaps where cold air whips around, especially when they’re in a nice ‘froggy’ position in their slings. I have always put Cracker in little girl’s tights, meaning that we have got a lot of strange looks in the park. Then I found Slug and SnailsSlugs and Snails; gorgeously made, funkily patterned, thick and robust tights for boys with anti-slip soles (which also, handily, tells you the size of the tights- good for husbands like mine who struggle finding the right size clothes for the right child!!).
Cracker is a very active little man. He climbs up and down and over and under things constantly and I always try to ensure that his clothes are as comfortable as possible. I didn’t feel he always got this comfort from jeans and trackie bottoms with elasticated waistbands and ankles and his skin was always marked when I took these off. These tights surpassed my expectations on comfort.
This week both Biscuit and Cracker (yes, girls can also wear these tights too) have lived in my many pairs of Slugs and Snails this week, paired with dresses, shorts, trousers or just a cute top. They are bright and colourful in an array of big patterns and this means even the most fashion-forward toddler should be kept happy. People have commented on them and loved seeing them in something a little different.
I know I have already mentioned Slugs and Snails in my previous post regarding my recommendations, but I felt they deserved a post to themselves. Especially as the weather will keep on getting colder and the wind will continue to chill any skin left exposed on your little explorers.
Putting your little boy in tights may seem a bit strange but, trust me, he will thank you for it!


Again, I have written this post because I love and believe in the products I am reviewing, not because I was paid to or sent any!


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