It's my life, but not as I knew it!


You don’t become an intensive care nurse without thriving on order and routine (and, of course, being able to cope with chaos and surprises as they happen) and this is a technique that we have definitely used at home.

This is what has worked for us as a family. It is something that I would recommend but I know and understand that it is not for everyone. You have to go with what works best for you, don’t you?

We did try a night of ‘going with the flow’ when we first took the twins home (i.e. feeding and changing them individually as they woke up) but we found we were up all the time!! We did not get any form of rest, so we knew that to survive we would need routine.

We fed them every 4 hours during the day, changing them before hand (and in between if necessary). Over night if one woke up hungry, we would wake the other one and feed them both. We were able to continue this routine until my little biscuit didn’t need a night feed anymore but we still keep them together during the day. She went through the night a lot earlier than Cracker did.

Another routine we have found really important is a bedtime routine. Every evening they play, eat dinner, play some more, have a nice warm bath followed by milk and a story in bed. They know what this routine means and they relax and settle during it so that they go to sleep (relatively) easily. Yes, we sometimes deviate from this routine (when on holiday, have people visiting, go out in the evening or on the days we take them swimming) but I am a firm believer that if your children are secure in a routine then it is easy to take a break from it and they’ll return to it very quickly and simply.

People always comment on how content and happy the twins are, I think this is at least partly due to their routine. They know when things are going to happen, and don’t get upset when they get hungry or thirsty, for example, as they know that they will be getting food/drink soon.


Let me know what you think.

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